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The color of your lipstick should make you shine and make your lips stand out. If you have the right lipstick, this can have a great effect on your appearance. But to choose a color, it is useful to know what type of skin you have and what else you should pay attention to. Umme Salma Beauty has a great range of high quality matte cream lipgloss and waterproof liquid matte lipsticks. To find the best colors read on!

Umme Salma Beauty Waterproof Liquid Matte Lipsticks
  • Watch your skin type

It is important to know whether you fall under the ‘warm’ or ‘cold’ shade. There is an easy way to find out what type of skin you have. By keeping the colors orange and violet next to your skin, you quickly see what effect it gives. The color that gives your face a sparkling effect is the color of your skin. With orange you have a very warm skin and with violet a somewhat cooler undertone in your skin. With a warm skin color you can think of the colors: caramel, brown, orange, gold and pink red. With a cold skin color more colors fit like dark red, beige or another type with a pink undertone.

Umme Salma Beauty Matte Cream Lip Gloss
  • Your hair color

Light hair
A nude shade or a pink shade fits well with a lighter hair color. You can wear brighter colors in the summer.

Brown or Dark blonde hair
Dark lipstick, such as red and dark pink shades, fits with dark hair.

Red hair
With a red glow in your hair, colors such as orange, or shades with bronze and copper glow are nicely matched.

Black hair
If you really have very dark or black hair, a brown or burgundy-colored lipstick is often the best option in winter. In summer you can vary with lighter shades.

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