The One Exercise Everyone Should Start Doing Right Now!

Usually, you can’t pick an exercise and tell everyone to do it. Some people might not benefit from it, and you can usually find different alternatives. However, the title of this post isn’t clickbait; there is in fact one single exercise that everyone should add to their fitness routine.

What is it?

The glute bridge.

There’ll be a video explaining how to correctly do a glute bridge throughout this post, but it basically consists of you lying on your back with your legs bent and feet flat on the ground. From here, you contract (that means squeeze) your glutes, lifting your lower back off the floor. You keep squeezing until your entire lower back is in the air, making a straight line with your body. Now, you can either hold the bridge for a count, or you can lower back down and repeat again for reps.

So, why is this exercise important for everyone to do? Well, it can provide you with some extremely important benefits that will be critical for your overall health and wellbeing – both now and in the future.

Reduce chronic lower back pain

Glute bridges are one of the main exercises you should do to reduce lower back pain. Why? Because the exercise strengthens your glutes and stretches your hip flexors/thighs. Most people with lower back pain will suffer from muscle imbalances that cause their pelvis to tip forward, creating an arched lower back. This is because your hip flexors are super tight, pulling the pelvis forward and making the glute muscles become dormant.

With this exercise, you basically reverse this effect and strengthen your glutes, loosening the hip flexors. It’s important to keep your lower back flat before initiating the glute bridge, so there’s never an arch at any point in the movement. If you feel yourself starting to arch, stop and start again! Adding some glute bridges to your weekly routine will help you cope with back pain.


Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles

For women, a strong pelvic floor is essential to maintain good reproductive health. But, it’s still important for men as well. Effectively, these muscles sit around your bladder and bowels, meaning they support them both. A strong pelvic floor gives you better control over your bladder and bowels, reducing the chances of incontinence later in life. This will mean you don’t have to deal with adult pull ups, and you can live without the anxiety that incontinence causes.

A strong pelvic floor can also lead to better sexual experiences for both men and women, so that’s another big bonus to think about. The nature in which a glute bridge is performed means that you have to contract your pelvic floor to do it correctly. It’s one of the best exercises for training these muscles.

See, this wasn’t clickbait: the glute bridge is genuinely an exercise that everyone should start doing. The good thing is, you can add it to the end of any workout routine. Or, if you want a 5-10 minute break from work, get on the floor and do some sets of glute bridges. You will find the benefits start showing themselves after just a few weeks of consistent exercise.

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