The Impact of Proper Roofing on Luxury Homes in Florida

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Especially the southern part of the state, Florida is well known for some of the most expensive luxury homes in the US according to Biz Journals [1]. The Luxury Home Magazine also provides loads of information about the luxury homes in Florida most popular cities and towns such as Tampa [2]. On the other hand, roofing is one of the most important parts of a building’s structure as it offers protection, enhances décor, determines its energy efficiency and takes a toll on its resale value. This article provides important pointers on the impact of proper roofing on luxury homes in Florida.

Proper Roofing Increases a Home’s Value

The external aesthetic appeal is greatly determined by the type of roofing installed, how attractive it is and how well it is maintained. As a matter of fact, a quality roof will increase the value of property by more than 100%. According to a reputed real estate company, Bluestone and Hockley Real Estate, roofing is the heart of any real estate investment [3]. Also, according to Colleen Kane, a renowned writer at the CNBC, roofing projects such as roof replacement are one of the home improvements that add the greatest value on real estate property [4]. This is why most modern luxury homes in Florida are being built with highly attractive roofing designs that will appeal investors and buyers faster. Owners of older luxury homes are also depending on professional roofing contractors in the area for quality roof maintenance and renovations to stay ahead of the game in the real estate market.

Proper Roofing Leads To More Competition in Real Estate

As more and more property owners, real estate companies, and building contractors are discovering the importance of proper roofing in the industry, you can successfully argue that the luxury homes and real estate business is becoming more and more competitive. For instance, a popular real estate company, also considers a new roof as the greatest remodeling value one can put on a property [5]. Needless to say, newer and more sophisticated designs are being discovered during luxury homes constructions in Florida. The more attractive, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective the design, the more competitive the property will be in the market not forgetting an increase in property value.

Proper Roofing Is Attracting More Investors

As the modern luxury homes are being made with more dependable, valuable, durable, and highly attractive roofing systems, you can argue that more and more real estate investors and property buyers are being attracted by the Florida real estate market. This is because, despite the highly alarming weather conditions in Florida, most modern luxury homes are being installed with weatherproof roofs that are able to withstand the elements best and stay in good condition for many years to come.

These together with the fact that there are a number of reliable professional roofers in Florida are some of the few impacts that good roofing has on the luxury homes in the area.




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