Mindful eating: What can we learn from Ayurveda?

mindful eating

Most people nowadays are obsessed with what they eat. Healthy eating or mindful eating as it is termed, but they often neglect how to eat. This is where Ayurveda, a centuries old diet philosophy, kicks in. The answer to how is in Ayurveda, even the best meal will not do us any good if we’re eating while we’re upset or stuffing our stomach while it’s already full with lunch food. So the way we eat our food is also important, it can have a direct impact on our digestion and overall well-being. So here are some tips about mindful eating, from Ayurveda:

mindful eating

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Consume freshly cooked foods

The advent of electricity changed a great deal about our lifestyles, including our eating habits. Now we store cooked food for prolonged periods, before eating. This causes the food to lose its prana. The life force that gives vitality, hence this must be avoided. In modern terms, bacterial growth dynamics can explain this statement, since older food tends to be degraded more and more by bacterial growth. It is hence best to eat freshly cooked food or consume leftovers which are not older than 24 hours.

mindful eating

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Eat food in the right quantity

Don’t stuff your belly with food, eat moderately – although this will differ in case of every person, as everyone has different needs and digestive abilities. But the idea is to half fill the belly so as to ease digestion and make it more effective.

Give a break between meals

The general rule of the thumb is to wait three hours after each meal, before starting the next one, although having snacks now and then is fine. The body knows when to expect food, and it’s not a good idea to mess with that rhythm.

Eat when you are hungry

Being hungry means that your body needs food, hunger is a good thing – hence don’t eat unless you’re actually hungry (wait for that green light). Eating when you are not hungry will make you feel full and heavy and it will disrupt digestion as well.

Don’t eat when you’re upset

When you’re upset, the negativity in your brain will render the effects of the food you eat negative. It is best to avoid eating or even cooking while you’re upset, because of the negative psychological effects associated with being upset, instead meditate – get rid of these upsetting thoughts and then proceed with the meal.

Sit for a few minutes after eating

Sitting down a few minutes after eating is a good idea, because the body remains focused on digestion. The best idea is to have a small discussion with those on the table before getting up, so that the body gets its time to digest the food instead of switching it over to the next task.

mindful eating

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So let’s be mindful while eating, using the principles of Ayurveda, together…

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