The Benefits of Memory Care Living For Seniors

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Generally, the risk of dementia increases with age. The WHO notes that we register 10 million new dementia cases globally each year.

About 5-8% of this number includes seniors aged 60 and above. What’s more, these numbers will increase by 2030.

Fortunately, older adults who have Alzheimer’s disease or any form of dementia can get professional help in senior living homes. Sometimes called memory care facilities, these homes offer a conducive environment for seniors to live without judgment or confusion.

However, before you research “senior living near me,” what are the benefits of different senior living options? How does a specialized retirement facility enhance the quality of life of your loved ones? Keep reading to learn more.

1. Senior Living Facilities Offer 24/7 Care and Supervision

A reliable senior living facility offers round-the-clock care services (day and night shifts) for your loved ones. Once you take your senior, you can proceed with your daily routine, knowing that they are getting attention every minute.

On top of that, these facilities have advanced security features to enhance safety. For instance, caregivers and family members can access patients through keypads or authorized entrances. What’s more common areas have color-coded walls to help seniors move around.

2. Assisted Living Includes General Housekeeping

In some cases, seniors may have to share rooms in a mental care facility. These individuals can’t perform basic housekeeping chores such as cleaning or making their beds. Also, some can’t control lights or even water fixtures on sinks.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about senior living housekeeping at a memory care facility. The staff handles everything.

3. Mobility Assistance

It’s common for seniors to experience mobility issues due to frail bones or underlying health conditions. Still, they need to perform basic activities such as going to the dining area or out to bask in the sun.

In most cases, professional assisted living includes mobility assistance in many ways. For instance, the staff can use wheelchairs or manual mobility aids to help seniors move around.

4. Memory-Recovery Activities

Taking your loved one to a memory care facility can help address dementia or Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. Your loved one will have access to a trained team that helps them engage in stimulating activities to minimize sundown syndrome.

Even better, the staff personalizes these memory-enhancing activities according to individual needs. Some seniors may minimize aggressive behaviors through art therapy, while others find aromatherapy helpful. Other activities may include listening to music and sensory stimulation.

5. Nutritious Meals

Senior living facilities often house residents with various underlying health conditions. Sometimes, these patients often experience high stress levels, taking a toll on their health. They require proper feeding to help boost their immune systems.

After all, mental health correlates with physical health. Memory care facilities provide nutritious meals that enhance an overall healthier outlook. Besides, feeding well enables seniors to focus on therapies by reducing anxiety and stress levels.

Personalized Memory Care for Seniors

All these benefits of senior living homes round-up to personalized memory care for your loved one. The professionals give different approaches to managing dementia, depending on care needs & preferences, abilities, and past experiences.

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