Business Travel Tips: Travelling to Jordan for Work

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Jordan is a tiny country in the Middle East (similar in size to Austria or Maine). For such a small country, Jordan is blessed with many amazing natural beauties, rich history and culture and many business opportunities. So, if you’re planning on doing some work in Jordan, here’s a little guide that will allow you to have a wonderful time and comfortable stay in this warm country.

Buy the Jordan Pass

No matter if you’re a tourist or strictly a business person, if you’re staying more than 3 nights in Jordan, you should invest in the Jordan Pass. You purchase this pass online ahead of your trip and for 70 Jordanian Dinars (around US$100) you can gain entrance to more than 40 attractions covered by the pass. This will massively save you money because you will probably want to explore the country at least a little and see the main attractions like Petra even if you’re in Jordan for business reasons. The Pass also covers an entry visa, so if you’re staying longer than 3 days, the Jordan Pass is something to consider.

Reconsider renting a car

While renting a car is the easiest way to get around the country, go from meeting to meeting and explore the location, traveling in Jordan is not easy. Driving between cities is manageable because highways are in good conditions. However, keep in mind that no one follows the speed limits and not many people have regard for other traffic participants. Smaller roads also have hidden speed bumps and potholes, you make sure to stay focused on the road and aware of people around you. If you ever drove in Turkey or South Africa, you know what we’re talking about.

Get your own internet

While the internet in Jordan is very satisfactory, if you rely on it for work, you might want to invest in something better than your basic hotel or café Wi-Fi. What you can do is check out fiber Jordan and get the fastest connection in the entire country. With the speeds of up to 1000 Mbps, you can do whatever online work necessary for your business and even stream HD movies and play online games in your free time.

Dress modestly in the Middle East

Most people think the Middle East is a huge desert, but that’s not the case. The weather in Jordan can be hot, that’s true, but certain regions get quite chilly. The capital and the northern parts of the country even get snow in the winter. So, research the weather in the area you’re planning to visit and pack accordingly. Also, keep in mind that Jordan is a Muslim country that appreciates modesty from both tourists and business people. Formality is very important for business meetings: men are safe in a suit and tie while women can get away with clothing that covers the chest and arms. Pant-suits are also a good choice of business wear.

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Learn about the cultural etiquette

When it comes to people, Jordanians are as warm as their climate, so expect to be welcomed with both hands and a bunch of questions. If you come from Northern Europe or any other western country where people tend to be more reserved, it’s easy to be skeptical of people’s warm greetings, but there’s no reason to doubt their genuine curiosity. Many times, you will be invited for tea or even for dinner to your business’ partners’ homes! If you get the chance to work or come in any other contact with Bedouin culture, you will get to experience real hospitality—expect to become a member of the family and get totally absorbed into their household. Make sure to be polite and not dismissive of Jordanian hospitality.

Don’t forget to tip during business dinners

‘Baksheesh’ plays a big role in Jordanian culture. Actually, tipping has a strong influence almost all over the Middle East. However, unlike in some parts of the area like Egypt where pays are very low, Jordanians will not expect you to tip them for things like giving directions or helping with public transport. But, tipping at restaurants is advised, so don’t embarrass yourself during your business dinner!

All in all, Jordan is a safe and exciting country with wonderful people. So, if you’re about to do some work in this Middle Eastern country, expect smooth sailing and a pleasant stay, especially if you keep these tips in mind!

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