Survivors Now With the Voice of Shannon Martinez

The survivors get a strong voice of motivation now from Shannon Martinez. She shows the way to find a new start in life.

(March 9, 2021):

The complications of sexual exploitation and domestic human trafficking are a burning issue in the recent days. Not only that the incidents of domestic human trafficking is on the rise today, but also that the recovered victims are facing a lot of social and personal issues in the later phases of their lives. A guiding and motivating spirit is always a helpful support for them, offering the right path for their lives in a new mode. Most of the time, it is seen that this helping hand becomes one of the survivors only. Shannon Martinez happens to be one such helping hand. She happens to be a survivor and leader in her way and also the consultant in the cases of domestic human trafficking. She offers her consultations with the local law and enforcements as well as other related agencies. She offers them the ethnographic perspective of the cases of the human trafficking on the domestic level.

After she had recovered from her own incident, Shannon became a public advocate as well as a speaker. She started the programs that empower others, specially the victims in this case. For the church communities she has specialized trainings to be implemented in order to stop the stigmatization of the survivors.

When it comes to the training the following details are covered there: Commercial Sexual Exploitation: Who, what, when, and how, making the recovery and rescue street team, knowing demand reduction techniques, live training for law enforcement, explaining the psychological and physiological effects of prostitution and so on. For any speaking engagements as well as consultations, she can be contacted directly through her website, otherwise at Shannon Speaks.

About Shannon:

A survivor herself, Shannon Martinez is now a consultant and public advocate. She empowers women who survive domestic human trafficking. To get more info please visit

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Shannon Martinez



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