Simple ways to make your home look like a luxury hotel

luxury interior

Ever wanted to have a luxury interior? Dreaming of a luxurious, Pinterest-like home, but thought your budget is way too low? Think twice, as here are some budget-friendly, simple, but effective ways to improve your home and make your interior look luxurious without spending a fortune.

  1. Decorate with art and DIY.

As simple as it sounds, decorating takes a lot of effort and time, but not necessarily too much money. Even if you don’t consider yourself a Picasso or think you are too clumsy to make something that doesn’t turn into a grotesque figure from your nightmares, there are many simple DIY solutions online that can transform your home. Turn to a friend who loves to draw and paint, ask them for their artwork and canvas it. Add a large Passepartout and pick frames that match. I am sure many will be delighted to have their art on your wall, and your home will look like a sophisticated gallery.

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  1. Keep it simple.

This is an important step to having a luxury interior, so declutter your space. Get rid of all the things you don’t actively use, as it makes your home look like a gigantic storage, which I assume doesn’t look as luxurious, does it? Stuff with memories attached to them go to boxes in storage, everything without a memory goes out to be forever forgotten and off to the next successor or the junkyard. You will get more space and your home will look tidier than ever.

luxury interior
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  1. Do not include more than 3 dominant colors in a room and always choose complementary ones.

This is an unwritten rule, but a rule many interior designers follow and you can see it in luxurious hotels. Choose 3 or fewer colors to dominate your interior and make sure they work well together. Black, ivory white and grays always neutralize the interior in the best possible ways. If you already have more dominant colors in your interior, you can always simplify with painting the walls in a neutral color and adding simple carpets, rugs, curtains and pillows that neutralize the interior. Invest in and choose fabrics and textures carefully.

If you want a luxury interior, this is a major one to a budget-friendly decorating. Let’s face it, some fabrics just look cheaper than others and not all of them are as expensive as they look. You don’t have to buy a new couch or a bed, only a few well-picked new pillow covers or bed-cover will do the job. Just take the time to choose the materials and textures for these, as they will be an important part of your new luxury home.

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  1. Include a Super Automatic Espresso Machine at some wall

A coffee maker is not just an appliance, rather it’s also a key to let any of your room look futuristic. So, investing in some advance and modern looking coffee machine is not a bad idea. If you have a good budget, try for a super automatic as along with amazing looks, you also get a great extent of automated functionalities. It will guide you on buying one and also will get you around the best options.

luxury interior
Lamp from Yoox

  1. Go vintage.

This is a big yes. If you have some old furniture, give yourself a freedom to give it a restoration. Antiques are cool, not to mention the quality of the furniture was way better back then. Repaint and fix them and you will have a piece of furniture that looks like from a magazine cover.

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    Awesome tips….I also focus on lightning effects as these totally change the mood and mind if set properly.

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