So You Think You’re Ready to Move in With Your Partner?

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There’s no set time that determines when you should or shouldn’t move in with your partner. If you love your partner (or at least, if you think you do!) then you could move in together in as little as a week. However, if you’re both fairly reserved and like your privacy, then it could take months or even years before you decide to get your own place together. It varies from couple to couple, but here are a couple of signs that will show you that you’re ready to move in together.



You think you’ll miss your old friends and family

Don’t worry, moving is a natural part of leaving the nest (even if the nest is with all of your friends or a sibling) and moving in with your partner. If you think that you’ll miss your friends and family, then you’re already mentally preparing yourself for a drastic change in your relationship. Embrace this fear and use it to encourage yourself to move in together.

You’ve had a major argument with your partner but you’re still going strong

There’s a saying that whatever doesn’t break you will make you stronger, and this is usually the case with arguments. Couples will always have disagreements, but being able to work together to sort out these issues is a sign that you have great teamwork—an essential quality required when moving in together. If you feel like your bond with your partner is solid, then it’s a good idea to consider moving in together on the basis of your strong relationship.



You’re both financially secure and have jobs nearby

Buying or even renting a home is expensive which is why it’s important to be financially secure before you move in together. If you’ve been browsing real estate offerings and scouting out how much it would cost to move with companies such as this website, then you’ve probably got a good idea of how much moving in together will cost. This obviously changes depending on your location, but it helps to get a rough idea of how much money you’d both need to make in order to live together.

You get butterflies in your stomach thinking about it

Don’t worry if you feel nervous about moving in together—it’s normal. It’s a regular feeling to have because you’re afraid of change and that’s perfectly fine. However, changes in our life will force us to adapt to new situations both physically and mentally. The fact that you’re nervous about accepting change means that it’s something big, and that’s what it should feel like when you’re planning on moving in together.

You don’t feel like you’re being forced into making a decision

Lastly, make sure you don’t feel forced into making a decision. While moving in together is a natural thing for couples to do, you should never feel like you’re being pressured by your partner to move in together because it could mean that they’re not ready. Let it come naturally instead of trying to force the issue.

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