3 Tips For Applying Lashes To Girls Who Wear Glasses

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Your glasses-wearing clients get their beauty inspiration from Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde,” and Meryl Streep’s character in “The Devil Wears Prada,” and, of course, Daria Morgendorffer. Though these ladies are gorgeous, fashion-forward and wear those specs proudly, women who wear glasses also deal with the unique challenge of having to tailor their beauty choices and routine to accommodate those specs.

As a lash artist, clients who wear glasses are a challenge you’re sure to come across, especially considering more than half of women in America use eyeglasses, according to The Vision Council’s “Vision Watch” Report in 2016.

You may hear complaints that the lashes are constantly falling, are irritating because they keep touching the glasses, or just aren’t that visible. Here are a few ways to address these unique challenges.

1. Choose a Tighter Curl

One of the most common issues with eyelash extensions that ladies with glasses have is that they are constantly touching the glass. Imagine having your eyelashes flick a hard glass surface every time you blink. It can get very annoying, and may even sway some women away from using lash extensions. A good technique to combat this is to use a tighter curl so that the lashes don’t reach the glasses.

First apply the lashes and see how much they touch the glass. Then curl them accordingly. Some women may need a slight curl while others may require a very tight curl. This way, women with glasses still get the benefits of longer lashes without the annoyance associated with them.

2. Go For a More Dramatic Look

Depending on the thickness and frame of clients’ glasses, lashes may not be as noticeable. To make sure that eyelash extensions are still worth it, try and use different techniques and styles that create extra emphasis so that the lashes can always be seen and women still notice the beauty benefit of them.

Try more dramatic looks like the mermaid eyelash look — a pop of color ensures that they will be noticed through glasses. Another great look for eyeglass-wearers is just to accent the outer edges of each eye. By applying extensions to the outer-corners you can make the lashes look as dramatic or as natural as desired, and there is no need to worry about them hitting the glasses.

3. Pick A Darker Color

Another way to ensure that the lashes are noticeable through glasses is to adjust the color and thickness of the lash extensions. If you choose a lighter color, the lashes are going to look thin and won’t be as noticeable, especially through thick lenses.

Therefore, to combat the fact that wearing glasses can hide some of the emphasis that eyelash extensions provide, try and use darker colors to tint the lashes and make them appear bolder. If your client is particularly daring, you could even choose a color that contrasts with the color of their glasses. This will make a clear statement and make sure that she still notices the dramatic benefits of having extensions.

As a lash artist, it’s important to be prepared for the different needs of clients — those who wear glasses need extra attention and skill to make sure they still see benefits of applying lashes.



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