Slay your fashion portfolio with the impeccable couture apparel ideas


Have you ever experienced the thrill of wearing made-to-measure and high-fashion art forms known as haute couture? Most of us haven’t, as it is made with elaborate techniques and exquisite fabrics. Moreover, it takes umpteen hours of meticulous hand-sewing to make these clothes.

But if you ever get a chance to wear these, never steer clear of it. And if you are an aspiring fashion model, couture photography is the thing that can take your fashion portfolio a notch higher.

So, how to go with these elaborate pieces without breaking the bank? Don’t worry! Here we have come up with reasonable, user-friendly, and attractive couture pieces that cannot only make you look stunning but will definitely help you prepare a magnificent portfolio.

The bar jacket – You have made up your mind to capture the best fashion moments with the help of professional photographers. So it is time to slay everyone around you. And the first option we have for you to wear is the bar jacket.

Take out the bar jacket from the closet and pair it up with high-rise and slim jeans to bring out a super-feminine look. Finish your look with ladylike accessories to raise the bar of this modern power suit.

The corset belt – Not to mention that the corset was introduced in this world as an undergarment, but with time it has become a fashion-forward piece. If you don’t find yourself comfortable with a corset dress, don’t worry! A corset belt is enough to add charm to your style statement. You can wear the corset belt just over anything like a banker-stripe shirt, oversized shirt, or a loose-fitting maxi dress.

This belt helps in creating a more defined waist. Afterward, wear a cocktail ring, take a smaller handbag with you, and you are ready with the captivating look.

The tunic gown – Tunic gowns are a great way to bring out the fashion statement in you. With this couture form and a lacrosse stick, you can look chic in all the photographs. No doubt that this photoshoot with lacrosse stick and dress will do wonders for your fashion portfolio.

Wear it with flats and jeggings, and don’t forget to spice up the look with the symmetrical necklace. If you want to look extra-ravishing, wear this dress with cowboy boots. 

The elaborate shirt – The next apparel on the list is the elaborate shirt. It comes with puffy sleeves and looks less stuffy when combined with well-worn cutoffs like denim shorts.

What about some playful accessories? Kill this couture look with sunglasses, studs, and a printed bag. Now, you are all set to pose.

The cascading ruffle blouse – Ever wondered how you would look in the combination of frothy ruffles and rugged wide-leg denim? The answer is super-phenomenal. So, put on some cascading flowy ruffles on a skirt and be like a diva.

Add your favorite printed scarf over it, and wear the stylish sandals to steal the show completely.


Rocking the couture photoshoot with your killing look is not difficult, provided you take the necessary steps. There are plenty of choices of dresses out there in the market, and we have loaded you with enough of these that you can think of wearing for this unforgettable photoshoot.

At last, Giles Deacon can’t be more right when he said –

With couture, the great thing is that each piece has its own character, and you have space to explore and continue themes season after season.

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