Creating a Productive Remote Workspace While Traveling

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When the pandemic hit, almost every sector embraced the work-from-home setup. And up until now, many companies decided to stick with this working model. However, while the remote setting offers many benefits, it can still be exhausting at times. Thus, to balance work stress and health, getting a little sun and exploring the outside world is crucial. But if you want to work while traveling, there are things that you should take into consideration.

For instance, as you start the digital nomad lifestyle, you’ll be faced with many challenges, especially in productivity. However, you have nothing to worry about because we’re here to help you. We’ll list down some ways to create a productive workspace while you travel. Let’s begin!

Tips Before You Get Started

There are many things that you should keep in mind for your first workation (yes, that’s how it’s called!). Here are a few:

Your Workload

Workation is an acronym for working vacation. Given this, it’s important to consider if your workload is doable for a specific period of time in your destination. Because if you have a lot of work to do and you plan a one-week vacation, for example, you might miss some good places to explore. It’s always best to have an idea of how busy you will be as you decide how long you will stay for your workation.


The next thing would be the destination. Which city or country will you be visiting first for your workation? While you may already have a place in mind, there are things that you should take into consideration first. This includes:

  • Visa requirements
  • Laws and regulations
  • Timezone
  • Budget
  • Safety
  • Things to do around


After the destination, take time to research the accommodation. This is one of the most crucial parts as this is where you will stay for work. When looking for workation accommodation, always consider the neighborhood safety, the ambiance, and most especially, the internet speed. You’ll need a dependable Wi-Fi connection to carry out your tasks effectively.

Period of Stay

If you’re traveling far, consider jet lag as another factor in planning your period of stay. Make sure to always have enough time to settle in, do the work, and explore the place. All these are important for a successful workation.

Figure Out What To Pack

Finally, you have to decide what to bring to your travels. Besides the cute outfits to wear on your period and regular days, plus the essentials, you must prioritize space for your remote work equipment, such as your laptop, charger, power bank, mouse, or any additional device needed for work. Keep in mind that work salary is what will pay for your vacation, so don’t ruin it.

How To Create A Productive Workspace On Your Travels

productive remote workspace

Now that you’re all set, here’s what you need to know to maximize your productivity on another country:

Select a Comfy Workspace

Whether it’s a bedroom or living room, find a space in your hostel where you can work comfortably. If your work requires calls, it’s better to find an area in your accommodation that’s quiet. However, if it happens that the place you stay in isn’t that work-friendly, try to find a coworking space or cafe nearby with a trusty Wi-Fi connection.

Block Out Distraction

The next is blocking out any distractions that can compromise your productivity. Sure, you can get excited about coming to a different city. But it’s important to do the job first. Hence, limit the time spent surfing the web to search for what to visit while working. Instead, make it a motivation that if you finish your work fast, you can have more time to explore.

Establish Well-Defined Schedule

Another way to boost your productivity is by organizing the schedule for your entire stay. This will not just be like deciding which place to go each day. Instead, it should outline how your every day will go. Always include the little things in your calendar, like the time of work, exercise, breaks, tours, and even sleep. By sticking out with your schedule, you can make the most out of your stay even when you’re working.

Have Healthy Snacks

You won’t be able to function well with an empty stomach. Thus, it’s important to always have healthy snacks for that on-the-go fuel. It will give you just the right boost to be productive and do your tasks effectively.

Stay Motivated

Being in a different city can give you so much anxiety, the same way it can excite you. Thus, to stay productive, it’s important to have motivation. While there are many ways to do that, one effective way is to bring an anchor of stability on your journey. It can be your favorite stuffed toy or anything that keeps you sane and recharges you for your adventure at work and your destination..

The Bottom Line

Creating a productive remote workspace while traveling can help you make the most out of your digital nomad lifestyle. No matter where you end up going, following our tips will give you a wonderful workation experience!

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