Pregnancy and implantation bleeding

implantation bleeding

Pregnancy is very important for every female. As, it’s the matter of another upcoming life. A responsibility issue in which you have to be fully cared. How a female get familiar about her pregnancy without any tests?? The answer of that question is the implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding not occurs in all the married females but often in every third one. You will confirm your pregnancy through the implantation bleeding. It is not necessary that every implantation bleeding is the sign of pregnancy there may be some other issue depends on the female condition and criteria. Each and every woman who wishes to conceive, always patiently waiting for the implantation bleeding.


A name which you may heard…Have you ever think what it is..?? It’s the first sign of pregnancy which most married woman get. Implantation bleeding is a type of slight bleeding in which fertilized egg is attached to the uterine wall of the female. As the embryo attaches to the wall it may harm the wall of the uterus. It causes the damage to the blood vessel in the corresponding area.. As the egg is smaller in size so, little destruction take place in the vagina. In response to the damage of blood vessels, blood may be come out from the vagina. Color of the implantation blood is not bright red like the menstrual bleeding. But it is pink or even dark brown in color. Its consistency is very thin like the vaginal secretions. It is free from any type of blood clotting. The implantation bleeding stay from few hours to the maximum two days. It all depends on the internal mechanisms. Implantation bleeding occur quite earlier than the normal menstrual period.


An embryo formation occurs when sperm and egg meets inside the human body. The developing embryo requires the food and the blood for its development. So, it is being attached in the uterus with its lining to get essentials for growth. As it attaches, small amount of the blood come out through the vaginal tract. It is nothing else but the sign that you are being pregnant.


Implantation bleeding symptoms include the light cramping inside the body and the nausea too. Its color is lighter and thin in consistency like the vaginal secretions. It just cause the spotting on your under wears. It usually occur with in six to twelve days of intercourse. Implantation blood carries no blood clot.


If you are facing the implantation bleeding and sure about it then no treatment is required for its cure. Implantation bleeding is a self-terminating process. So, no type of therapy is required. But in case of excessive bleeding with strong cramping move immediately towards your gynecologist as it may be sign of any regularity.
After reading the article, you will surely be able to differentiate between the implantation blood and the menstrual blood. Implantation blood is of light pink or dark brown color, have the thinner consistency, May be continue for few hours to the two days, having no blood clots and light cramping also occur during implantation discharge from the body. If you are from the one who don’t experience the implantation blood than no need of worry because your body physiology is unique one. Many of the females have menstrual bleeding during the start of their pregnancy. If you are pregnant and experience implantation blood, moves towards your gynecologist melbourne for your diet plan and other instructions. Start taking care of yourself as you are not alone now but having a new individual inside your body. You are the guardian of the upcoming individual.

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