Party In Style: Best Outfits To Wear For Every Dress Code

It is quite frustrating to be stumped about what to wear when invited for a certain occasion. Most of us rack our brains thinking about what to wear for the party.  It’s quite confusing to maneuver our way between dressy casual, black Bow Ties and smart casual for certain events. Dressing for an occasion should be fun rather than being a nerve-wracking experience. This guide should be able to help you navigate your way and look the best for each and every occasion.

var noskimlinks = ‘true’; Casual Dress code

You can consider a casual dress code for a party as a clear and open invitation to dress in clothes that you can wear in everyday life. Anything comfortable mostly suits the casual dress code. You can wear a nice pair of jeans with a t-shirt and some cute sneakers. You can even wear shorts or skirts to match with the dress code. Casual dress code does mean that it’s probably best to tone down the flashy accessories because it can look out of place. Just wear something that resonates with your style and gives out a relaxed vibe. Pairing up a smart pair of sweatpants with a crop top can look both chic and casual.

Dressy Casual code

Dressy casual, better known as casual chic, is a clear indication to wear a cute outfit that you love. You can wear a cute summer dress if the occasion is during the day, or even show off your style pairing up cute accessories with it. Accessories are what make casual-chic stand out. You can read more about various cute outfit ideas for dressy casual to help you pair up cute styles with just a few essentials. Pairing up a nice pair of jeans with heels and a button-up shirt can also look quite stylish.

Smart Casual code

Often a quite confusing dress code, smart casual is a little higher than casual chic. With this, the option of wearing jeans or shorts are not available for women anymore. There are still tons of styles you can wear for this kind of dress code. Pair up a pencil skirt, some nice heels and a shirt with a cute jacket for a workplace party or a sleek overcoat with ankle-length trousers, stilettos and a fancy top. Adding a purse to your look can look quite interesting as well.

Black Tie

Many women still feel quite unsure about what exactly a black-tie dress code entails. While men have certain and strict requirements for their suits for such events, women have quite a few options to choose from to dress for such an occasion. A floor-length dress or even a gown is considered as the ideal outfit for a black-tie event. Pair it up with some formal heels and an elegant hairdo, and you’re good to go.

It can be hard to maneuver your way around certain dress codes. But once you get past the initial hiccups, a dress code can actually help you look your best for every occasion.

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