Beauty Sleep: How to Wake up Looking Stunning and Refreshed

Is “beauty sleep” fact or fiction? People often claim that it’s basically the mythological Fountain of Youth from ancient times. However, it turns out there’s some truth to the expression since you can slow down the aging process. Getting a full night’s sleep with help like the best mattresses might provide various health benefits for your brain and body like healthier skin.

In fact, many practices that people think reverse aging like over-the-counter (OTC) anti-aging cream don’t really work. It’s about getting back to basics like eating right and sleeping enough.

The Importance of Sleep

It’s critical to have the right perception of sleep. People often consider it as a time when a person’s mind/body shut down. That’s part of the process, but it’s not the whole story.

What Happens During Sleep?

Sleep is actually an important time when the mind and body do processing and rejuvenation. Scientists don’t fully understand how the process works. For example, why do we need 8 hours of sleep? How does the sleep process really work?

Still, the main takeaway from past research is the body and brain become charged up so you can function better in the morning. This helps to maximize energy and performance.


We usually think of sleep as benefiting our physical bodies. This is the time the body can experience restoration and rejuvenation. This includes tissue repair, muscle growth, and hormone processing. If you want to experience “beauty sleep” in terms of skin health, you should certainly get enough shut-eye.

Brain Function 

One of the main functions of sleep is to improve the brain’s memory. We take in tons of info during the day that’s recorded like a USB drive. Then at night, the tiny data bits are transferred from short-term memory to long-term memory.

Sleep and Skin 

Soon after falling asleep, the body starts completing of many different tasks that helps with the healing process. This involves healing damaged parts/systems that can help to regenerate/repair skin.

Why Skin Is the Best Skin Care (video)

Pituitary Gland 

Within the first three hours of sleep, the human body starts making a human growth hormone that the pituitary gland produces. This hormone is required during aging to maintain youthful/glowing skin.

As people age, the hormone is needed for maintaining youthful/growing skin. Meanwhile, if you lack this hormone released, the skin won’t be able to repair itself due to daily damage. It can quickly boost the aging process. Sometimes the damage is irreversible.


Then for roughly hours 4 and 5 of sleep, the body starts boosting the hormone melatonin. This hormone helps to regulate the body’s sleep/wake patterns. It also functions as an antioxidant that protects the skin from damage triggered by “free radical” molecules.

Rapid-Eye Movement (REM)

This stage is what people refer to as “deep sleep” and takes place during the last three hours of shut-eye. The body’s cortisol hormones slowly rise. Meanwhile, the skin’s temperature drops to its lowest point.

This allows muscles to relax and experience short-term paralysis. This helps the skin experience the deepest amount of recovery/restoration.

Sleep and Mattresses 

We know intuitively from personal experience that when you choose a mattress, it can help to provide a good night’s sleep. However, it might not be entirely clear why that’s the case. Here are some of the main issues to take up:

Mattress Types 

Let’s examine the main types of mattresses available on the market. 

Innerspring Style 

This is a traditional mattress style that has a classic bouncy feel yet might actually be firmer than other kinds. The inter-connected coins are super-durable. However, the bed’s weight balance shifts when one person changes their position.  

Memory Foam 

This technology was developed by NASA and is also featured in other items like pillows. A big benefit of memory foam is there are additional pressure relief and less spring.

If you want high-quality memory foam, then go with high-density/thickness. This will help to reduce how much you sink in the mattress. Look for mattresses with heavier bottom layers and lighter top layers.


This style has a remote controlling the amount of air inside. A pair of side-by-side chambers let the sleepers adjust the mattress firmness individually.  

Sleeping Style 

This is another key issue to take up when picking a mattress to sleep better.


For example, let’s say you sleep on your side. The surface should support your body and conform to its shape. This makes a soft foam mattress a go-to option for side-sleepers.


The problem with a memory foam mattress is it will envelop the body. That could cause you to feel smothered, which is a bad thing.

A firm bed provides better support. Consider dense innerspring, firm memory foam, or air-filled for the best mattresses.


Something in the mushy middle is a good option. Pick a surface that provides support but also some give. This helps to keep your spine lined up and healthy.   

Create Sleep-friendly Environment 

It’s important to have an environment where you’re comfy and relaxed. That can help you drift off to dreamland. Make sure to minimize noise, light, and heat in particular. Noise and light should be minimized, and heat reduced to slightly lower than room temperature.

Avoid Pillow Face

The best sleeping position is always on your back with arms by your side. This can provide lots of benefits to help you sleep better, like avoiding pillow face.  

Sleep on Silk Pillowcase 

These items have been trending in recent years due to them being very skin-friendly. The silkworm-made fibers are gentle on skin/hair. This produces less friction.

Why You Should Sleep with a Silk Pillowcase (video)

Other Ways to Get More Beauty Sleep 

Use a diffuser 

This option allows you to fill the room with your favorite essential oil. Studies show that certain natural oils like lavender can have a calming effect. That can help you doze off faster.

Drink a Glass of Water

Some good alternatives to alcohol include sparkling water, coconut water, or lemon/limeade. This can help to keep your skin hydrated and create some of the pizzazz of alcohol—minus the alcohol. 

Take Warm Bath at Bedtime

Take this step about one hour prior to bedtime. This helps to reduce aches/pains, so you feel relaxed both physically and mentally. The warm water also helps lower stress/tension.  

As you can see, boosting your beauty sleep is not that hard. Following the aforementioned pieces of advice you’ll wake up gorgeous and energized every single morning. 

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