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Formal and fancy are two words that light up anyone’s face if they love fashion. It’s a chance to dress up and look fabulous for the evening. Of course, it might also fill you with dread if you’re still ages away from pay day. Don’t fret. You can still look incredible without having to spend hundreds of dollars at a boutique. Check out these 6 easy steps to convert your old fashion to new without breaking the bank:


  1. Audit

The first thing to do is audit your entire closet. Pull out anything that might fit the bill for formal or fancy wear. This can include pants, skirts, dresses, blouses, tops, and shoes. Put all your most glamorous accessories to one side as well. Chances are you have plenty of items right now that could look incredible for your big event. Of course, if you prefer something that offers a brand new look, move on to the next step.


  1. Mix and Match

Now you’ve got a really good idea what is in your closet that could be worn for your fancy evening out, it’s time to see what could be put together. If it’s a really special occasion, you don’t want to wear something that doesn’t look new. You certainly don’t want to be caught wearing the same thing you wore the last time you went there! Instead, try to mix and match your best items to create a whole new style and look.

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You can start from the bottom up or the top down. If you’re starting from the top, consider a new way to wear your hair. Try different shades for the eyes and lips, and a necklace you don’t often wear. Accessorize your dress or top with a waist cincher or a belt. Sometimes adjusting the shape of your fashion can make it look completely different. If you’re going with the cocktail dress, then choose different shoes and purse. Alternatively, move to step 3!


  1. Alterations

One way to create something new from something not-so-new is to send it to a tailor for alterations. There are plenty of things you can do. Change the length or hem of the skirt. Why not add a flash of color to the neckline seams? You might even choose a different neck shape altogether. If you have a designer dress, then choose high quality tailors for your clothing alterations. After all, you’ve spent a lot of money on that label, and you want any changes to your items to fit you perfectly.

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Making alterations to the shape or cut can dramatically alter the look of an outfit. Don’t forget you can also sometimes make the fit a little looser. This can be ideal if you want to wear something you haven’t worn for ages but doesn’t quite feel comfortable right now. Of course, there are still many more things you can try to get that fresh look. Move onto step 4 for more!


  1. Additions

We’ve already touched upon adding accessories to your dress or outfit to make it look a little different. You can go so much further than that. Boring shoes can become amazingly unique if you add some decorative details. A glue gun can help a lot here! Add some buckles or some crystal details to your boring old pumps to create something that will turn heads. The same principle can be applied to your handbag too.


Now for that dress. Add more detail to any zips or buttons you might have. If it has a belt or tie, why not add some decoration here? You can add extra material, or simply sew some finer details. Your choices here are endless. As motifs and patterns have been so popular this year, why not find a fabric transfer or apply some material to a corner of your dress?


  1. Accessories

Once your dress, shoes, and bags are ready to go, it’s time to add some accessories. You can add charms and clips to your hair that can look amazing in any up style. Layering your accessories can also work beautifully. Two rings, two sets of earrings, and even two or three lengths of necklace can help build up the style you’re looking for. Nearly ready to go? Add a bright silk scarf to caress your shoulders. You could also drape it over the strap of your purse or handbag.


Building up a completely new look from things you already have can be easier than you think. There are lots of choices. All it takes is a little creativity and some preparation time. What will you be wearing to your next formal night?


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