Miami hidden gems travel guide

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It really does not matter if this is your first or fiftieth trip to Miami, there are always new things and new places to discover and explore. There are various hidden gems in Miami which your tour can not be complete without. In this article, we will be suggesting few of the Miami hidden gems for you to explore within three days.

1. Miami downtown

On the first day, begin your day with a Cuban breakfast like every other visitor since the culture of Miami has been influenced by the huge population of Cuban people. You can easily get yourself fixed up in Little Havana or any Cuban restaurants. There are some other Little Havana which are worth exploring such as Cuban novelty stores and local galleries. The most enjoyable fact about Little Havana lies in the realness of cultural neighborhood.

Along downtown Miami there are museums for art, science as well as historical monuments such as the Freedom Tower. You can also take time to check the Arsht Centre for performing arts as well as the host to national Broadway tours concerts and tours. From here you can now decide to head towards Brickell which is the financial center of Miami’s international business world. Brickell is also a fast growing neighborhood in Miami with different people relocating there. By exploring this particular hidden gem in Miami, you can go to bed feeling fulfilled for the day while you get ready to explore next hidden gem in Miami.

2. Biscayne national park

One of the most important ways to enjoy your tour around Miami is by boat and there are various boats equipped with professional DJs to make your tour more fun than you can imagine. It’s out second day, how about spending it underwater? This is where you can find some amusing hidden gems that will add to your already fun-filled day. It is better if you can chatter snorkel or some diving tools and enjoy both reefs and wildlife underwater, experience and research has proven that there is a fulfilling feeling that comes with being underwater and discovering the secrets of the Atlantic. Add Boca Chita key or Elliott key to your list as well as the most popular islands in Biscayne national park to really be able to discover Miami hidden gems while still enjoying your tour.

3. Take the tour South

This is the third day and last day as stated earlier in the article and the next place is for you to take the tour south so as to discover a new and fun side of Miami. This area may tend to be quiet but that does not reduce the amount of fun that you will experience. You can use a day to drive around Homestead and Florida city and enjoy the views. If you hire a car, it will be easier for you to find hidden gems in you really have the eyes for them. Every second counts so make sure you enjoy and have lots of fun.


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