Nausea: Causes, Prevention And Healing

Nausea is a peculiar condition that occurs during certain circumstances. It’s a cross between a neuron trigger and a sensorial discomfort. Certain smells might not be discomforting to your stomach or taste, but they make your head spin and feel like you’re going to throw up; even though you never do. On the other hand, you might feel mentally fine but your body just reacts violently to a piece of food, pain, or some kind of infection. Yes, nausea can be caused by an infection. This is what so many people find astounding, that an infection in their toe can make them feel dizzy or feel like throwing up. Here is all you need to know about handling nausea and coming out on the other end without vomiting, losing sleep or taking time off work.

What it feels like

Firstly, what does nausea feel like?

  • You will feel dizzy
  • You’ll be lightheaded
  • You might feel like you’re going to faint
  • You tend to find food or normal everyday smells annoying i.e. cheese or bread.
  • You can also feel hot
  • Motion Sickness is also something you might feel, so whenever you move your nausea flares up. That also goes for moving in a car.
  • A sensitivity to light is something you could experience too.

What causes it?

Nausea is so uncommon for most of us, that when we experience it, it makes us feel like we’re going through something a lot worse than it actually is. Nausea can be caused by a sensorial reaction to food. If you don’t like very strong cheeses, smelling a hard or stinky soft cheese could make you feel like you’re going to vomit.

Nausea can be caused by pain. If you feel a lot of pain in an injury you have sustained, the sensation of the pain can make your body overload with sensorial experience. For example, if you have been in a car crash, prolonged nausea due to your chronic pain can be common. This is why the most reliable personal injury attorneys in town should be contacted to get back some of the time you have taken off work due to nausea. You can use medical records to show you have nausea due to the crash and after you receive compensation, you can use the money to pay for healthcare bills.

Nausea is tricky

How do you know you have nausea and not just an abnormal reaction to something?

  • You will find that something triggers it. It might be food, a chemical smell at work, perhaps a deodorant, maybe your husband’s cologne, or perhaps the smell of the dog food you just bought.
  • A particular pain. Some people feel that joint pain causes them to feel like they’re going to faint. Pain in the elbows, knees and especially the neck, causes nausea in some people.
  • Nausea can be caused by headaches and migraines. The dizziness, combined with the pain and heat, can cause you to have blurred vision. It can then cause disorientation and your mind and senses trying to focus and battle through the obscurities, can cause you to become nauseous. Feeling sick, losing appetite or having balance issues can be caused by migraines especially.

How can you prevent it?

One way to prevent nausea is to change your diet. Avoid spicy foods and especially greasy foods. So no more fried food and spicy sauces. Having smaller meals but more frequently is a good step forward. Having lighter meals such as a chicken salad, an oily white fish with vegetables or perhaps a small bowl of rice with some seared pork might do the trick.

Avoid intense exercising. Do not break a sweat for the time being, just allow your body and mind to center themselves. You might find that carbs can prevent nausea, so eat toast in the morning, have crackers and butter for a snack or enjoy a hot broth or soup for dinner.

Of course, you can always turn to medication, such as scopolamine which is an anti-nausea patch you can put on your body. Some choose to apply it just behind their ear which helps to recover balance. Always speak to your doctor before taking any kind of medication though.

Take your time and take nausea seriously. It can be a mixture of feeling like you’re going to be sick, lack of appetite, feeling dizzy, overheating and feeling like you’re going to faint. Understand the signs of nausea, prevent them in yourself and try to take your time recovering.

Image source: pixabay

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