Want to have a perfect look? Don’t forget the pre-makeup regime


You spend a lot of time putting on the perfect makeup. You effortlessly use the foundation and blush in the right amount and give the final touch to your look with colorful lipstick. You step out of the home for your work. But after a few hours, when you look at yourself in the mirror, you witness your complexion to be dull and blotchy.

Have you all been there? If yes, then you have come up at the right place.

There is no denying the fact that we all want our makeup to last for the whole day. But, here is the truth – the process that you follow before applying makeup will determine how long it would last.

And if you are curious to know the pre-makeup regime, delve quickly into this article to satisfy your intellect!

Begin with cleansing – The foremost step of preparation is starting out with clean and dry skin. First, wash your face with lukewarm water. Then, gently apply the cleanser to your face and move the fingers in a circular motion. This will remove all the impurities and oil. After applying the cleanser and rubbing it for 35-45 seconds, rinse your face again with lukewarm water. Ensure that there shouldn’t be any suds left on the face.

Keep in mind to go for the right kind of cleanser to avoid any skin irritation. For instance, if you have sensitive skin, avoid cleansers having glycolic acid because it may cause redness and irritation. Furthermore, get a pH-balanced cleanser matching your skin’s pH. Ideally, the pH of the skin should remain between 5-6. And if your skin is acne-prone, go for the slightly acidic cleanser as it will help the skin in fighting off bacteria.

Right exfoliation – Do you want your makeup to appear cakey? No, right. And the major culprit behind the cakey face is dead skin cells. To remove the dead skin cells, exfoliate the right way. As per the American Academy of Dermatology, exfoliation makes your skin look brighter, leading to fewer breakouts. Dealing with the clogged pores? Exfoliation is the answer.

Apply a gentle exfoliator to the face. Gently rub it for 30 to 40 seconds, and then wash the face with lukewarm water. Remember to exfoliate your neck also, as it will make the neck appear firmer and brighter.

Note: People with sensitive skin may need to pay more attention here. Because few exfoliating products might prove to be a bit harsh for you. To avoid this, you can do a patch test on a small area of the skin. This will ensure that you don’t become the victim of the skin reaction.

Skin toning – Many people often overlook this aspect, but you must include this in your pre-makeup regime. Sometimes your cleanser might miss the dead skin cells. And that is where the toner comes into the show.It helps wipe away the leftover dead cells on the face.

However, remember not to go for a toner with alcohol as the main ingredient. Alcohol can prove very dry for your face.

Also, do not forget to follow this step, as applying toner is the thing where you prepare the face for moisturizing. As per utseende.no, a toner balances the skin’s pH and prepares it for the next steps in the skincare routine. So, how do you use toner? Take a little toner onto a cotton swab and swipe it gently on the face. Remember not to scrub the skin but to gently rub the face and the neck with the toner.

Notice the cotton ball after it. Many times you will witness the leftover foundation on the cotton ball. This is proof that sometimes the cleanser doesn’t take off the make-up completely.

Use a light moisturizer – The next step is applying the moisturizer. Opt for a light moisturizer so that the base shouldn’t be oily. Ensure to use a moisturizer as per your skin type and one that provides hydration the whole day. One solution here is to press the moisturizer on the face rather than rubbing it. This will stimulate the skin cells properly.

Eye-cream: Applying eye-cream is vital for providing a great base. It helps even out the skin tone around the eyes. This will make you look more active and awake. Thearea surrounding the eyes is sensitive, so ensure to apply the eye cream in the right manner to make the skin tone even.

If you have dark circles or fine lines, eye cream works as a cooling treatment for you, ultimately keeping your face bright and fresh.

Show some love to the lips – This is the step where you have to shower some love to your pout. Dry lips make the lipstick look flaky, which you don’t want, right? Hence, take the necessary steps so that the color will go effortlessly on lips.

Remember exfoliating the face before make-up? Now is the time to do exfoliation for the lips. Take a clean and damp washcloth, and gently massage the lips in a circular motion. This will eliminate the dead skin from it. After that, take the help of the lip moisturizer. Now you are perfectly ready to apply the lipstick of your choice on the lips.

Apply primer – Primer is also known as a protective barrier because it prevents the skin oil from mixing with makeup. Applying it sets a perfect base for incredible make-up. Besides, primer makes the make-up stay for longer hours. Go for the one according to your skin type.

For instance – If you have oily skin, opt for the mattifying primer. A hydrating primer is apt for dry skin. If your skin is acne-prone or you have redness over your face, a light green primer is a great option as it helps in counteracting the redness.

To sum it all up

With all the steps mentioned above, you are now all set to apply the make-up. Always keep in mind that the better you prepare your skin for make-up, the more radiantly your face will glow in the end. Besides, if you consistently follow this routine, there will come a time when your face will look vibrant even without make-up. Hence, follow the above steps and look your best.

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