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Milan may not be a tourist favorite. It’s often described as cold and industrial by regular tourists, who prefer other Italian cities over it. However, Milan isn’t here to please tourists, it’s here as one of the four most important fashion capitals of the world. As such, it can be described as many things, but boring is certainly not one of them. This particularly applies during fashion week. All the fashionistas gather and pose for Philo Oh, hoping to end up on Vogue’s street style section. Say what you will about Milan, but when it comes to boldness, style and color, there is no city that can trump it. So, let’s let the photos do the talking, shall we?

Red, and then some

Red was the official color of fall 2017, but that hasn’t stopped people from bringing it into this season as well. The first look is features a whole lot of red, including an asymmetrical ruffled skirt, a red tartan blazer, and even sunglasses with red lenses. Of course, the animal print trend was bound to make a presence. In this outfit, the weapon of choice were snake print ankle boots – just to spice things up. This is a look that you can definitely rock during a great Saturday afternoon, although it might be too loud for the office.

Sheer romance


Sometimes a girl doesn’t need much to feel ethereal and romantic. There are times when all it takes is to follow the sheer dress trend. Add some tiny polka dots and a whole lot of ruffles and you’re done. Needless to say, a sheer mini dress is enough to stop traffic and even cause a major road accident, but this fashionista doesn’t care. The dress is so effective that aside from her phone, and a bold pair of red cowboy boots, she didn’t even bother to accessorize. Frankly, who needs accessories with a dress like this? If you want to dazzle in a similar way, start browsing and before you know it, you find the perfect place to buy women’s dresses of this variety and begin to stop traffic as well.

Logomania, naturally

Perhaps you’ll find the logo subtly peeking through in the form of a purse or perhaps a scarf in Paris, but in Milan, you either go big or you go home. Logomania is certainly back, and as evident on this particular fashionista, it’s bigger and bolder than ever. Adorned in a crop top long-sleeve turtleneck top and a matching high-rise pencil skirt, both overflowing with the word ‘Fendi’, she has made it perfectly clear to which brand her heart belongs. A logo-filled outfit may be completely acceptable, perhaps even not even the boldest thing during fashion week. However, for real people, we strongly advise you to choose your battles and go for either the top or the skirt, but not both at the same time.

A more subtle approach

Subtlety isn’t exactly Milan’s strong suit, so we use the word carefully. However, this particular look is as subtle as it gets, and we have to admit, we’re completely smitten. A flowy murky floral blouse paired with a sparkly emerald green pleated skirt and deep emerald satin boots is an outfit all of us are dying to wear. This is an outfit worthy of the office, a classy dinner date, even a wedding if you ask us. Of course, a designer bag is a must, but this one we actually love because it’s the only ‘popping’ element, and it blends in perfectly. Whoever this classy lady is, we say, brava!

Can’t escape it

You could travel everywhere from New York to Seoul, and you will still find yourself surrounded by the athleisure trend. Why? Because it’s not a trend anymore, it’s a global phenomenon. You can rock it in countless possible ways, and the one that caught our eye was one featuring simple black slip dresses, a white shirt underneath it (very ‘90s). The look is topped off with a pair of black sneakers and black (visible) socks, tiny sunglasses and a micro bag. Yes, it’s one of the more inspired forms of athleisure, bold, but not over the top. This is a look you can certainly pull off any day of the week, just don’t show up like this at the office unless you’re working for a company with an extremely relaxed dress code.

Color block

We’re always happy to see the color block trend is still alive and kicking. There is something optimistic and shiny about a splash of color that just brings joy to those who wear the colors and to those who look at them. Therefore, the final look is one featuring one very classy lady who opted to show up at the fashion week wearing a bright orange ruffled wrap dress and topped the look off with a pair of satin slingback sandals in poignant fuchsia. A summery look to chase away the fall gloom. If you swap the slingbacks for a pair of satin boots and add a classic trench coat, you’ll have yourself a super chic autumn outfit.


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