Luxury travel Santorini and Mykonos 2 Great Places To Visit In Greece

luxury travel santorini

Looking to travel this holiday? Have you found your perfect destination? Wondering where to get all you need at one place? Well, I got some good news; destination, Greece.

The Cyclades group of islands is the place to be. They are found on the southern side of the Aegean Sea. These islands were formed many years ago after a severe volcanic eruption resulting to the formation of calderas in other words craters.

luxury travel santorini

Luxury travel Santorini

Santorini; a great deal in Greece may be your long lost destination. Here is a sneak peak:


Santorini Island has a crescent-shaped caldera making the views magical. There are some towns on the island making everything accessible. The volcanic beaches provide an excellent romantic experience. The red, black and white pebbles on the beach say it all.

Are you water enthusiast? Wait till you see the blue water. The breeze from the sea is very refreshing. The volcanic landscape provides a clear view of the beaches from the cliff. You will want to be there. Luxury travel Santorini is definitely Instagram worthy to visit!

Dine and wine

Santorini Island offers a variety of culinary arts from all over the world; traditional or modern. Fine wine from grapes grown in the volcanic soils is a must try. Traditional products like cherry tomatoes and white eggplant are prepared to perfection for your taste buds.


Different types of hotels are available ensuring they meet your needs at affordable rates. If you are looking for the romantic hotel set up, you might need to consider a luxury travel Santorini. You can book online before your visit.

Mykonos Island

Another component of the Cyclades group of islands is the Mykonos Island. It’s a perfect one-stop getaway. I came across a few Mykonos travel tips to guide you through the magical experience.


This island comprises of museums that showcase rich culture. 16th-century windmills are the iconic landmarks in this island.

Mykonos Island is known for summer music parties, attracting top world DJs. If music is one of your holiday essential, you probably need to visit Mykonos.

Eat and drink

This island has plenty of traditional and modern food items. Seafood and fish are readily available. You can try various foods from Italy, Argentina, France and Greece.


You always have to get a treat for your family once you are back from vacation. Get jewelry, leather bags, local art and handmade items. You can choose to collect shells on the beach for them and have fun doing it.

Bottom line

With the Mykonos travel tips and the Santorini island information, you have a clue on exploring the Cyclades group of islands. An amazing luxury travel experience relaxes your body, refreshes your mind and opens doors to learning opportunities.


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