Keep Your Job, Pass the Hair Drug Test, and Quit Weed

The usage of illicit substances has been on the galloping rise for several decades. Those who take them are generally aware of the risks this behavior carries. That’s why they try to control or use some light or soft drugs. Do these drugs exist, find out on this page.

Cannabis, better known as weed, is among the most common opiates in people of all ages. Compared to some much more dangerous drugs, it is significantly less harmful to human health. That is why it’s the best ‘companion’ of people who are anxious, neurotic, or stressed — kind of like a cigarette, only with a stronger effect.

There are some ways to trick a sudden drug test. Getting busted for smoking weed can get you in trouble; some might even lose their jobs. So it’s best to stop using it, even for a while. If you firmly decided to do that, but you still have a hair drug test to do, read below how to pass it and get motivation for quitting weed for good.

Risks of Smoking Weed at Work

Generally, companies have a strict policy regarding the use of opiates at the workplace. Employers usually don’t care about what you do in your spare time, as long as it does not affect your work performance and professional behavior. But there are some exceptions, like a diagnosed condition which requires the application of medical cannabis. Then, with the proper documentation, your superiors MAY turn a blind eye.

However, in most situations, you have to accept the fact that employers are not keen on smoking weed. That’s why they make the most of their right to protect their business interests by conducting regular hair drug tests on illicit substances.

A positive result can be associated with reduced work performance, lack of motivation to work, absenteeism, etc. Although consuming opiates can sometimes increase productivity and the desire to work, it is not suitable for you, as you can be sanctioned. It starts with temporary suspensions, fines, pay cuts, and can lead to dismissals and criminal charges if marijuana use at the workplace has led to an accident or risky situation.

Why Employers Schedule Drug Test?

Regulations on the legal use of weed are still not clear, although medicine has been able to prove that marijuana has many health benefits and has shown excellent results in treating many diseases. That’s why employers want to play safe and to eliminate the use of opiates at work, just in case. Many companies ban it completely, while others have some tolerance limits. But in any case, most of them regularly test their employees.

Responsible employers take care of their business and their employees. Exercise testing can bring numerous benefits and savings. Drug testing from time to time can prevent many workplace accidents. If they still happen, drug testing can affect reducing the cost of compensation (if the investigation proves the employee’s guilt under the influence of opiates).

How cannabis affects people, check here:

Regular screening can also raise awareness about drug abuse and the risks of using it in the workplace. It also will help to eliminate unreliable and irresponsible workers. And finally, having ‘clean’ stuff is essential to maintaining a positive business image and good reputation.

Why Hair Drug Test


You’ve been deciding to quit weed for a long time, and you’re relatively determined. However, the employer has announced a drug test in the next few days, and you start to panic. In particular, the only information you know is that you expect a hair follicle test.

And you have real reasons to be worried. Although you may be a recreational user and smoke a couple of joints from time to time, this type of test can show active use of opiates. But not the amount you used so far.

Hair is one of the most reliable samples for drug screening. The harmful particles stay in it for very long – over three months. Hair follicle analyzes have a high percentage of accuracy, which is another reason why employers opt for this type of screening. The results are obtained after a few days and represent the basis for subsequent actions toward employees.

Tips to Pass the Hair Drug Test

Visiting web sources like people can find numerous ways to fool the drug test this time. Depending on how long you’ve been smoking weed before testing, you can use home-made preparations, commercial hair detox/camouflage products, or natural scalp detox treatments.

Be sure to stop taking marijuana as soon as possible, at least until you get the results. Note that the employer may request the repeat of the follicle sampling process if something went wrong and the specimen was invalid.

What is not recommended is the removal of hair from the entire body, or attempts to plant someone’s hair instead of yours. The first method raises suspicion, while the second one can be easily detected. And some companies will look at these irregularities the same way like you failed the test.

Is It Impossible to Quit Drugs?

The problem with cannabis is that users think they can stop at any moment. Although the will is the most potent driver of quitting weed, it is necessary to solve the problems of mental and physical dependence on this substance.

It is not impossible to be and remain drug-free; that process just takes time and consistency. It is good to start with cleansing, not only the hair before a drug test, but the entire body. While this may not be critical to the result, you will feel better. You will realize that it is possible not to use cannabis and to avoid all the potential risks of its use.

People who smoke weed can have problems at work, and endanger their livelihoods for short-term satisfaction. Perhaps the effects of cannabis are short-lived, and it may not have significant health consequences, but its traces in your body will be detectable for a long time.

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