Jumpsuits for Women: A Guide to Finding and Styling the Right Jumpsuit for You

Jumpsuits are a fantastic alternative to dresses or the classic jeans and a nice top combo which, let’s be honest here, gets a little tired after a while. If you’re thinking about switching up your wardrobe by slipping into one of these one-piece heroes, it can be rather daunting at first! The wrong style can be unflattering, make you look shorter than you actually are or just make you feel like a toddler in their best outfit – all undesirable options for a stylish woman! Read on for the ultimate guide to finding and stylish a flattering, fashion-forward jumpsuit…

Shop according to height

When you’re scouring the stores and the internet for women’s jumpsuits, it’s important to favour your actual height and body type! Something might look amazing on a 7ft tall mannequin, but it possibly won’t look quite the same on a real woman’s body. If you’re taller, you should try to stick to styles that flare out and cut above your ankle, this will stop you from looking too elongated in your jumpsuit. Maybe you’re on the more petite side? Opt for a close-fitting, tailored style jumpsuit to avoid looking like you’re swimming in excess material. Shopping according to height makes sure that you’ll find a piece that you truly love and want to wear.

Choose your silhouette

Many people don’t really think about it, but jumpsuits actually come in different silhouettes. You can find straight fitting ones, off the shoulders and, as always, the most popular choice – hourglass! Hourglass fit jumpsuits are great because they pull in your waist and create a flattering figure for all who wear it, no matter what your natural shape or size might be!

When in doubt, stick to block colours

A jumpsuit is a statement piece already, so if you want to keep your look chic and clean, you should really stick to one block colour. A busy, printed jumpsuit might highlight areas of your body you’d rather it not or cause you to look a little overwhelming with colours and print. Stay on the safe side and go for gorgeous blacks, khakis, greys, creams and even denim. All of these tones will ensure that you look as stylish and put together as possible in that jumpsuit.

Cute and casual? Or, fashionably formal?

Jumpsuits can go one of two ways, sleek and formal or cool and casual. A casual jumpsuit will likely be made of loose-fitting cotton, linen or stylishly structured denim. Pair yours with some white sneakers or pretty wedges and a basket bag for an effortlessly cool, French girl look. If you’re going more formal, it’s pretty easy! Add a pair of understated studs and some mules or stilettos to look sharp and business appropriate.

Layer up

Layering can be a great way to creatively style your jumpsuit. Add a clean white tee or opt for a close-fitting long sleeve black top to bring another dimension to your look. If you want to layer for a casual look, you can be a little more playful with your selections. A bright pop of sunshine yellow or pastel pink will really incorporate a bit of fun and personality into a denim jumpsuit outfit.

By now you should be fully confident in your jumpsuit selecting and styling abilities! The key with any fashion purchase is to always factor in your own shape, style and height, that way you’ll find something that you’ll want to wear and treasure forever. Women’s jumpsuits come in all shapes and sizes, so get shopping!

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