Interview with fashion model and classic car owner

Once I started to love myself, opportunities and doors flew open for me.

Sandy is an example of beauty and brains. Someone that is able to pursue her dreams regardless of the hurdles she encountered. She is a model, actress and entrepreneur. With experience she learned how to feel confident, powerful and strong in her own skin. The fashion industry today is all about personality. Sandy brings more diversity and uniqueness into fashion campaigns. Besides that, she owns a classic car. Read the interview to find out more.

Tell us about yourself
I am a model and classic owner. What inspired me is art. You can gather the most of any pictures and life experiences from the story it tells. I became a model to express myself in my true skin. I don’t conform to the normalities of what is acceptable in the modeling world. I am a force unable to maintain beauty and brains. Not to mention incorporating my 1968 mustang into the mix. It’s art within itself.

What is your philosophy?
Anyone can be a model, but it’s your uniqueness that sets you apart.

What is your greatest achievement so far?

My greatest achievement so far other than getting a college degree, being a mother to three beautiful girls, being an entrepreneur and putting a stamp in the fashion and classic car world, is finally loving myself and living my truth. Once I started to love myself, opportunities and doors flew open for me. This is a hard achievement for anyone but once it’s done, there’s no stopping success.

Instagram: @beauty_and_the_stang

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