How to Wear Dresses in the Winter and Keep Warm


Now that the cold weather is upon us it’s time to get your winter wardrobe out, but that doesn’t mean you have to put all your dresses away until next summer. You can still wear your favourite dress in the middle of winter and make it warm enough with a bit of layering know how. Dresses are a must in winter because there’s so much potential for them to look amazingly fashionable.

The way to make your dresses winter ready is to have the cold weather clothing basics at hand: leggings, boots, socks, tights, cardigans, coats and scarves. Just because you need the layers doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish. Pairing those delicate summer dresses with a statement jacket or blazer, then adding some cosy tights and on trend boots, will keep you warm and on trend. For those long sleeved dresses just add a scarf and some knee high boots to complete a winter wonderful look.

Layers are truly in vogue right now, so add as many as possible. Top your look with a chic hat and some knee high socks over your tights for added warmth and style. A one-tone dress can be brought to life by some patterned leggings or tights, then finished with a personalised gilet and lace up boots for a more youthful look.

Here are the top 5 tips from a leading image consultant in London for a fresh winter wardrobe:

  • Cover as much of your legs as possible with tights, socks and boots.
  • Add a belt over a cardigan to cinch your waist and complete your winter look.
  • If you’re not a fan of tights, invest in some thigh-high socks. They look so stylish and will keep the cold at bay.
  • Take those sleeveless summer shift dresses and put them over a button down shirt, and add a belt to take away any bulkiness.
  • For a more professional look, take your favourite summer work dress and add a blazer and a scarf.

If you’re wanting a more casual and comfortable look from your best sundress, grab a chunky woollen cardigan and scarf to look fabulous on those extra cold days. You can even wear a jumper over the top to make your dress look like a skirt. A casual look can go from day to evening with a simple pair of heels and a patterned clutch.

So now there’s no need to put your favourite outfit into hibernation for the winter. Just layer it up to create a warm and fashion forward outfit perfect for the cold weather!

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