Want a surprise every month? 4 monthly boxes you should subscribe to right now

subscription boxes

Who else remembers the feeling of excitement when we get a package that we totally forgot we ordered? Well, subscription boxes take this to another level. It is a gift that keeps on giving every month, without fail. Subscription boxes are quite trendy right now. There are so many cute and quirky things you can get every month that you didn’t know you needed. There are practical subscription boxes as well, like for your menstrual cycle or for your college. You can get these as a gift for your loved ones or even just as a token of appreciation to yourself. The options for these are truly endless, which is why we have curated a list of the best subscription boxes to get right now.

Daily harvest box

The daily harvest box is a great initiative for people who are looking out to add more fruits and veggies into their diet. The team at this subscription carefully picks out and customizes each and every box for the pleasure of their customers. This is a great option as a gift for a health freak, or for you if you are trying to better your diet. They have boxes for soups, smoothies., oat and chia bowls, and even flatbreads. Their locally sourced ingredients are organic and hold up to high-quality standards. You can get unique stuff such as maca, cacao, and even goji berry in your box. The standard box costs $6, with additional charges for extra items.

The stitch fix box

Are you looking for a box that specifically caters to women? Do you need a monthly box that gets you new, cute and chic outfits? If so, the stitch fix is exactly what you’re looking for. It even offers a personal stylist who handpicks trendy outfits for you every month, so that you always have the perfect outfit for that date or day out with your friends. They personally find your style and pick out things that you would definitely love.

A wine subscription box

If you are a wine lover, look no further. A wine subscription service is a perfect gift for your sommelier friend, or even as a token of appreciation for your wife. Four bottles are picked out every month, from a vast selection of international wines, specifically to provide you with the best wine tasting experience you can have at home. This even helps you explore your own tastes every month.

The farmer’s dog box

Are you looking for something special for your furry companion? This subscription box is perfect for any pet parent in your life who always wants to provide their pooch with something more. This box offers all-natural food options for your canine friends and carefully selects items in order to help pooches live a healthy lifestyle.

Subscription boxes can make your life quite easy and also provide you with something unique that you don’t have to go and hunt for yourself. Try these amazing subscription boxes to get unique gifts every month.

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