How to stay young

Our changing lifestyles compel us to make some serious changes. The unhealthy food, unhealthy environment and stressful jobs have set us back years from our actual ages. The generations earlier had such robust constitutions, maybe we should take some tips from them. But never fear because we have ways in which we can minimize these ill effects. Read on to stay young.


We know that you may not have heard the end of the benefits of exercise, but let us remind you once more. Exercise is the single good thing that keeps your body well oiled. One of the main reasons that the younger generation is falling sick so often is also the lack of exercise. Technology has made our lives so sedentary that we have to exert to exercise. The past generation was active and exercising was their second nature. When you exercise, you increase your rate of metabolism. This helps your body to absorb nutrients better, which helps to keep away deficiencies. Exercising also keeps your heart young because it absorbs more oxygen, and the rate of burning fats and carbohydrates increases manifold. Your muscles are not susceptible to aches and pains that arise because of a lack of activity. You really have no reason to avoid exercise except inertia.

Balanced diet

Here we throw another daily fact at you. Keep a balanced diet to stay fit. You must have heard this a lot too. But what you don’t know is that what’s balanced for others may not be balanced for you. Your body is different from others with its own set of functioning mechanisms. You may absorb some nutrients better than others. Some nutrients could be deficient in your system because your body doesn’t absorb those nutrients too well. Tweak your diet to suit your needs. Get regular checkups done at the doctors’ for nutrient levels. Try to balance your diet according to your body. Remember, no one knows your body better than you, yourself. Observe your body carefully and eat foods that your body needs. As you age increase intake of vitamin C which keeps your skin hydrated and supple. This keeps away wrinkles.

Suitable products

Using the wrong products can damage your skin more than you think. If you’re using natural products, it’s still safe but the wrong chemicals can exacerbate aging. If you’re using the wrong shampoo, you’ll find your hair thinning and greying prematurely. Using anti-aging creams with harsh chemicals can put more wrinkles on your face than age itself. Well researched products with plant extracts are the best products to use. Try an anti aging cream that has only natural ingredients for your skin. A well-conceptualized product will give you actual results and suit almost all skin types. Remember not to experiment too much with your body with harmful chemicals.


After observing the miraculous effects of yoga and meditation, many people have advocated them. When done right, yoga and meditation not only relieve stress but also keep the body fit and flexible. Yoga requires you to use muscles that you wouldn’t otherwise, making exercise a more holistic event. Not only this, it regulates your breathing too so you intake the right amount of oxygen needed by the body. When you breathe properly, your blood flows better, digestion and metabolism improve, the heart gets stronger and you feel happier because of the adequate oxygen in your brain. Meditation too calms and soothes your mind. When you meditate your brain relaxes which relaxes your entire body. Our stressful lives leave us no time for ourselves and meditation allows us me-time. Studies have proven that the brains of people who meditate daily function differently from those who don’t. Meditation makes the brain function more smoothly and keeps the creative juices flowing. Such people are also happier and have a calmness around them that is difficult to achieve on a normal schedule.


Indulge yourself in a hobby. You’ll thank yourself later. Even if in the younger years it seems difficult to have a hobby, have one. It’s a good investment of time. Why is this? A hobby is something that you do for yourself. In a life where you’re doing everything for someone else, having a hobby is rewarding, because this is just for you. A hobby will make you happy and wise men always say that happiness and laughter are the keys to keeping young.

Time will go on and so will you. But you have the choice of enjoying this time and living a balanced life without worry.

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