How to recover after pregnancy lose weight and get in shape

pregnancy weight

After you have your baby its normal that you need to recover from pregnancy. Good nutrition, exercise and rest are essential during this stage. Give yourself time and don’t expect to get back in shape in a week. When you use the following tips you will feel fit again within a few weeks. And yes you will lose pregnancy weight.

Get a breath of fresh air

During your pregnancy you might have suffered from headaches, back pain and nausea. That’s why it’s good to give yourself some time to recover. During the day you can take a nap or lie down with your baby. But make sure you are not in the house all the time. Get a breath of fresh air with your little one in the stroller or baby carrier. You will feel much better and recover faster if you take some time outdoors and spend in nature.

Lose pregnancy weight

What most women worry about after pregnancy is to lose the pounds. On average you can gain a lot of weight during pregnancy. So take the time to regain strength. During the time you are breastfeeding its important that you eat enough and healthy food. You need calcium, protein, vitamin C and iron. You can also try some food supplements during breastfeeding. If you decided not to breastfeed you can go on a diet after a few months. With healthy food and not to much snacks. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and ensure the right balance in your diet.

Physical exercise

A belly doesn’t disappear just from losing weight therefore use a belly wrap to get a nice postpartum belly. Another good idea is to get some physical exercise. Your abdominal muscles have stretched considerably and it will take some time to shrink again. You can do exercises for your pelvic muscles.

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