How to combine the right accessories with your outfit

combining jewelry

Combining accessories with an outfit is not always easy. Accessories can be jewelry, watches, bags, shoes, scarves and sunglasses. With the right accessories you can make your outfit look better and completely different. If you pay attention to it you will feel more confident in your outfit. You can find the right accessories on Here are some times to get started.

The basic rule of combining accessories

Go for a maximum of two statement pieces. This can be a bag, glamorous jewelry or a pair of trendy sunglasses. If you wear clothes with busy prints you want to wear accessories that are minimalist or in one color. If your outfit is simple you might want the statement pieces to be your accessories. Sunflower Necklace will go perfectly with your outfit. You can wear a chunky necklace for example or an elegant scarf when it gets colder.

combining jewelry
Wrist watch

What colors should you wear

When it comes to accessories its nice if certain colors match in your outfit. For example are you wearing a brown belt? Choose brown boots and sunglasses instead of black. Make sure you don’t look like a rainbow unless that’s the look you want to go for. Choose 2 to 4 different colors and don’t go to wild unless you are going to a fashion or art event you don’t want to overdo it.

Combining jewelry the right way

If you wear simple jewelry you can combine a ring with a necklace and bracelet. But if you enjoy wearing statement earrings you might want to keep the rest of your jewelry to a minimum.  Although its considered a no go to combine silver and gold these days it can make you stand out more. For example a pair of bracelets in gold and silver can still look harmonious.

combining jewelry

Tassel earrings

Sporty outfit

There are days you don’t want to dress up to much. If your outfit is sporty you can still use accessories to complete this look. For example you can combine your outfit with a backpack and some trendy sneakers. If you are not a big fan of sneakers you can also wear flats.

Accessories you absolutely need in your wardrobe

There are some accessories everyone needs. These are a cute handbag, classic watch that you can always wear on any occasions. Statement earrings that you can wear during fancy dinners or night outs. A pearl necklace perfect for the office or ladies brunch. Combining jewelry like pearls is easier than it seems. And not to forget big celebrity sunglasses and a pair of black boots preferable over the knee.

Gold plated necklace

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    the necklaces in this post are stunning! I love pairing sparkly necklaces with sporty or dressed down outfits as a contrast.
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