How To Overcome These 5 Common Online Dating Struggles

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Online dating isn’t easy. This is something many people soon realise after downloading Tinder for the first time or signing up to eHarmony. Online dating apps and sites can be very competitive spaces and there can be certain rules worth following in order to find success. This post lists a few of the common struggles you may experience while using online dating platforms and how to overcome them.

No responses/matches

Not getting any responses or matches can be very disheartening – how are you supposed to score a date if no-one will let you get into a conversation? When this happens you should consider why no-one is matching you or responding to your messages.

If you’re getting no matches, start by improving your profile. Consider taking a new photo – these online dating photo tips at could be worth checking out. You should also make good use of your bio.

If you’re getting matches but not getting any responses when you message people, consider your opening lines. Simply messaging ‘hey’ isn’t going to get you many responses. Open with an interesting question or something funny that will encourage a response.

Conversations that go nowhere

You may be able to spark up conversations, but may be unable to keep them going. In most cases, this is either because they’re getting bored, or you’re getting bored. If they’re getting bored, make sure that you’re keeping the conversation fun and interesting – don’t let it feel like a job interview. If you’re trying your hardest to keep a conversation going but they’re putting in no effort, know when to give up so that you’re not wasting your time.

Communicating via messages isn’t for everyone. A dating chat line service as found at sites like might be better suited to some people – you don’t have to wait hours for a response when talking over the phone (which can stop you from overanalyzing conversations).

Encouraging conversations that end with you getting ‘ghosted’

A conversation is going well. You’re finding it easy to talk to them and you’re genuinely interested in their replies. They seem to be showing enthusiasm back. And then they suddenly stop talking to you.

Getting ‘ghosted’ after a promising conversation can be frustrating. You can prevent this by knowing when to take things offline. Ask for their phone number or start scheduling a date once the conversation starts to become encouraging. They could be talking to other people and someone else may snatch them up if you don’t make your move first. This is a common reason for ‘ghosting’ on online dating platforms – someone else seals the deal before you.

Awkward in-person meetups

Meeting up in person can be nerve-wracking. How people interact online can be very different to how they interact in person. Be prepared for some awkwardness – however the situation doesn’t have to be totally awkward.

This site offers some great tips on how to negotiate the first date. One great option is to plan an activity – ideally something neither of you have done. This gives you something to focus on and centre conversation around if conversation gets dry, and you’ll learn new things about each other and yourself.

No matches left

You’ve swiped every profile and matched with as many people as you can, but none of your matches seem promising. What do you now? Is it the end of your online dating journey.

It doesn’t have to be. It could be a simple case of taking a break so that new users join up. Alternatively, you could try using other online dating platforms, or other dating strategies altogether. Just because you’ve essentially ‘completed’ Tinder doesn’t mean that you’ve exhausted all your options – there are many single people out there that won’t be using this dating platform.

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