How To Move On From A Bad Breakup

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A breakup can be one of the hardest things in life to go through. From being madly in love with someone to not speaking to him or her, it can be a very difficult transition. It can be particularly difficult breaking up with someone when you have been in a serious long-term relationship. If you or your ex-partner has to move out and you have the same friends, this can be a difficult situation if the relationship ended badly. It can often be very difficult to move on from a bad breakup but I promise it will get better. A year from now you will be in a much better place, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Take One Day At A Time

If your feelings for your partner were real then they can’t disappear over night that is for sure. Even if the relationship ends badly, it will still take time to get over the feelings and good times you’re shared with your ex-partner. It is important to remember to take each day at a time. There is no rush in finding someone new and the more time you have to spend on yourself, the better and more confident will you start to feel.

Embrace the Feelings

You’ll never get over someone if you don’t let out your true feelings. An end in a relationship is a sad time and you’re expected to be sad and upset at this. The true way to get these feelings out is to cry. So don’t keep your feelings locked up otherwise it’ll be even harder to move on.

See Your Friends

After a bad breakup you will want to see your friends for their support. Don’t hide away eating ice cream for weeks on end but embrace your new single life and enjoy doing activities with your friends. Any true friend will be there for you whilst you go through this hard transition and they can be a shoulder to cry on when you need it.

Find Your Purpose

Don’t let a breakup push you back in life. Find your purpose and turn the negative feelings into a positive by making something out of life. Transform your body, succeed in your job or simply get a new hobby. To find your purpose you could try a psychic reading to help provide you with information on your new path going forward from this situation. Find out about what will come in your future for work, love and money and make new goals for your life.


Use the negative energy you have to turn it into something good. Exercising will help you relieve the stress and anger you might have at the end of a bad relationship. By increasing your exercise, you might also improve your body and mental health. You could start running or join your local gym where you might even make new friends or meet a potential new partner!

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