How to Make the Most of a Trip to a Winery


Do you have a group of friends who have planned a full day of fun at a winery where you will get to taste all different types of wine that have been created right there by skilled and experienced professionals? If you have never visited a winery, you might not know what to expect while you are there, other than knowing you will get to learn a lot about the step-by-step process involved in making some of the tastiest and most enjoyable wine available. Even if you have never taken a personal trip to a place like this before, there are a few ways for you to make the most of this trip you are going to take with your friends.

Never Go on an Empty Stomach

The worst thing you could do is plan to go on this trip on an empty stomach. It is important to eat something before you even get to the winery so that you have a bit of food in your stomach before you start tasting any of the alcoholic beverages. Even if you do not think you are going to get tipsy or drunk, there is always a chance that you will after drinking for a while, so it is better to have consumed alcohol on a slightly full stomach than an empty one.

While it is a good idea to eat before heading out with your friends to the winery, you should avoid carb-heavy foods and greasy foods that could make you feel like you are bloated and gassy. It is far better to have a nutritious meal before you leave, such as a salad with spinach leaves, kale, chicken, and craisins, whole-grain toast with fresh fruit salad, or even some avocado toast. As long as you are eating something that is light, filling, and good for you, there should be no problem. Most wineries provide snacks to keep you feeling full between tasting the different beverages they are offering as well.

Have a List of Questions to Ask While You Are There

Before you go to the winery, you should do some research on the most important questions to ask about these alcoholic beverages before tasting them or even thinking about purchasing them. The staff members at different wineries, including the Alexander Valley wineries, are more than willing to provide accurate answers to any of the questions you have because they want you to enjoy the time you are spending at the winery while turning it into a fun learning experience for everyone. Even if you do not know much about wine, there are still important questions you can ask to become more familiar with what you are consuming at that moment.

You should ask about the types of grapes that were used to create the beverages and where the grapes were grown before they were turned into wine. It helps to find out what foods go best with some of the different beverages you are tasting, too. For example, if you are planning to host a party in the future and you are thinking about buying something specific at the winery to use for that special event, you are going to want to know what to pair with it, such as certain types of cheeses, chocolate, fish, or even red meat.

Make the most of your trip to the winery with your friends by making sure to eat something before you go so that you do not get sick from tasting these beverages on an empty stomach. Do not forget to prepare a list of different questions to ask while you are there that will help you become more familiarized with some of the different types of wine that are being offered. If you find something you genuinely enjoy, you can ask about its availability and even purchase it while you are at the winery.

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