How to make your wardrobe more stylish with trendy fashion pieces


Imagine your ideal wardrobe a closet full of trendy tops, shoes and accessories. I’m sure there are some nice bold statement pieces when you imagine a new wardrobe. Making your wardrobe more interesting can be hard but with these tips it will become a lot easier. Depending on what environment you are you need a couple of basic pieces for your wardrobe. Women’s tops, a knee length skirt, a good quality white blouse and trousers that fit perfectly. When you have your basics you can think of the rest of your wardrobe with these tips!

11Trendy tops and fashion jackets
Its easy to fill your wardrobe with basics but it can get a bit boring. Sometimes you have to spice it up a bit. Fill your wardrobe with notable items like fashion tops and edgy jackets for women. Choose trendy tops with a print or in a bold color and women’s jackets with embroidery or applications.

Don’t forget your heels 
Sometimes people tent to underestimate how important it is to have a good pair of heels next to trendy tops and the basic pieces. Your shoes should  be comfortable and look good for the occasion. Make sure your shoes match with the rest of your outfit.

Good quality jacket and coat 
There are a lot of jackets for women available. A good coat and jacket is a must just like a few shawls to keep warm in. Go for materials like velvet, silk, suede, leather or cashmere. Those fabrics are perfect to create a more interesting wardrobe.

Use the right accessories
Accessories can make you look very different. When you want to make your basic pieces more interesting add a big trendy belt in gold or metal. Or use hair accessories and big bold earrings. This will give your look an edge.


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