5 Ways To Improve Your Guy’s Wardrobe

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Many of you have asked me how to get your guy to stop dressing like a lazy slob. Well, improving his wardrobe is no easy task. I talked to Alex Wise, a relationship blogger and co-founder of https://www.loveawake.com dating site and he shared five steps you’ll be on your way to finally not being embarrassed to be seen with him in public. I hope you will enjoy his advice as I did.

Add new items one piece at a time

Start slowly. You aren’t going to change him into a fashion plate overnight. Focus on one offending aspect of his wardrobe at a time. Hate that he still wears flannel in 2010? Surprise him with a nice button-up shirt. Showing up with an entire new wardrobe is probably going to freak him out. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and getting your guy to stop dressing like he’s fifteen is going to take some serious time and effort. Once you have him trying on new clothes, keep it simple and focus on comfort. Steer him toward basic colors, and classic looks like dark denim jeans and, say, a blazer over a solid color t-shirt. Or maybe a button-up shirt (collar out) under a sweater. Don’t go crazy with patterns or accessories. Make him presentable first; then you can focus on turning him into Don Draper or Chuck Bass.

Shop with purpose

It’s a cliche that men don’t like shopping. We love shopping for electronics, gadgets, action figures, and even, occasionally, clothes. What we don’t love is the endless browsing, or going to the store without a purpose. We get nervous and bored, and start looking for the nearest Cinnabon or Brookstone. Shopping together, and gently nudging him towards stylish clothes, can be fun. But have a game plan: if he needs jeans, get jeans. If all of his socks are riddled with holes, focus on that first. Shop with purpose, and he’s less likely to view it as a chore, and more of a fun thing to do with you.

Encourage his interests

For years, I could care less about fashion. But then I discovered Ben Sherman. Now I eagerly await their pants, shirts, and jackets the way I do new Rock Band downloads or the latest issue of Batman and Robin. (I prefer Ben Sherman’s old handwritten logo over the new symbol, but that’s a different story.) The point is, I’m a nerd for Ben Sherman. Let him find his Ben Sherman– the clothing label (or labels) he can really get into. If he’s totally clueless, point out labels you like in magazines or while watching TV. Show him a photo of a well-dressed celebrity, and tell him he’d look good in those same Kenneth Cole jeans or DKNY jacket.  (As an aside, if anyone from Ben Sherman, or Converse, is reading this, I’m always open to free samples.)

Find something you love about his style, and run with it 

Do you love that he has Converse in every color of the rainbow? Do you love that he wears soft cashmere sweaters? Tell your guy this. Compliment him. You know how you like it when we tell you that you look great in a new outfit? Well, so do we. Use the old positive reinforcement trick. “Cute shoes. You know what would look good with those…?” Look at his current wardrobe as a foundation that you can build on. Don’t tell him he needs to completely start from scratch– chances are, he’ll tune out. Make him feel like he’s not a total fashion washout (even if he is). Then the more you build, the sooner you can phase out his ugly green Crocs.

Pick your battles

Even if you end up completely changing his wardrobe, let him keep something that he likes. Does he love that t-shirt he got from a Phish concert in 1999? Let him wear it occasionally. (Just maybe not to your friend’s wedding.) I have a friend whose girlfriend gave him a complete makeover–I’m talking from sloppy stoner to trendster seemingly overnight. But the one thing he wouldn’t let go of was his collection of seriously ’90s flannel shirts. His rationale was, flannel had gotten him through the ups-and-downs of life. Was his girlfriend there during his freshman year of high school? No, but the flannel was. They had sentimental value. So let him express himself, even if it’s not always in the most fashion-forward way.

You can also direct him to fun style blogs that skew towards the trendy male. (I like Put This On) Finally, don’t worry about high-end designer labels and the latest hot trends. Most guys don’t care about that kind of stuff. He can look good without spending a fortune by just sticking to the basics.

Good luck!

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