How to Make a Signature Hairstyle This Summer


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Do you all know all the quotes from the iconic Will and Grace sitcom, or is it just us? Well, in any case, there was this one episode when the two go to a therapist and in an attempt to attract her attention, Grace tells the therapist that she almost cut off all her hair that morning. To that, Will had a hilarious comeback: “Oh please, she would never cut her hair, it’s half her personality.” While the statement may be an exaggeration for the sake of comedy, there is some truth to it. For many of us, our hair is ‘our thing’, the staple feature we’re known for. So, if your hair is important to you even just a fraction of how important it is to Grace, you might be wondering what to do with it this summer and create the look(s) that will definitely not go unnoticed. Luckily, we’re here with an abundance of tips for you so you can put your best (hair) look forward.

Let’s talk about Gigi


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Yes, yes, the model is gorgeous, has those adorable baby-face features, is wildly successful and stylish even when off-duty. However, one of the things we love and envy about her the most is her gorgeous hair. Well, if Gigi-like locks and styles are what you’re after, the first thing you need to do is maintain the health of your hair constantly. Hair vitamins, regular trims, quality hair masks – the works. The model’s hair goes through an awful lot during the shows, so she does her best to keep it protected while off-duty. That’s exactly why, aside from her signature blond hair, this summer the model has been spotted on the streets rocking the effortless and heat-free sleek high bun that also features a twist on the well-known wet hair trend. Not only is this style effortlessly chic, but it serves a great purpose of relieving you of that crazy summer heat. Two birds with one stone, so this is definitely a casual look that will make heads turn.

Long hair does care

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According to Vogue, although we have been witnesses to some major cuts (case in point Cara and Katy), the verdict is that super-long hair is making a huge comeback. As the magazine points out, stars like Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, and other celebrity influencers are walking, long-hair flaunting proof of that. Now, we are aware that just because this trend is back in style, it doesn’t mean that you can just will your hair into growing overnight. The bad news is, if you cut it, it will take some time before you can flip your hair back and forth. The good news is that there’s no reason to wait because a little secret magic lies in hair extensions. However, the best news is, you don’t even have to make a long-term commitment. You can have your cake and eat it too, by purchasing clip-ons, watching a few clip in hair extensions tutorials and then DIY your way to full luscious locks. Why wait when you can have it all and have it now.

Accessorize till you drop

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After careful research i.e. religiously scrolling through celebrity and influencer Instagram feeds, we have come to a conclusion that some of the hottest trends du jour are hair accessories, namely headbands and wraps. Colorful and vibrant accessories are not only an amazing way to elevate your entire look and spice things up this summer, but they’re also amazing hacks to use when you’re having a bad hair day. Not only will these accessories hide the truth from the world, but will make you noticed and stunning. Aside from that, you can finally unleash your boho goddess, and what’s even better, you will achieve it in a matter of minutes because head wraps are super easy to make.

Let it curl

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Let’s just say out loud what we’re all thinking – we all want and yearn for those wild natural curls of the likes of Alicia Keys and Kerry Washington. Not only do they make a huge impact and truly help create a staple look, but according to the actress, natural curls are empowering. They’re a nod to self-acceptance that tell women everywhere that their natural curls are truly beautiful. Plus, they are fun and easy to do, well, at least if you have naturally curly hair. So, put away those hair straighteners and let those gorgeous curls lead a life of their own. If you weren’t blessed with curls, there is an abundance of heat-free ways to achieve them, so open your browsers and start curling. It’s time for your hair to shine.

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