How to treat urinary tract infections – fast and naturally

urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infections can be terribly annoying and completely ruin a few days of your life. They can come on fast and painful and leave you desperate for a remedy. Unfortunately most cases of a urinary tract infection lead straight to antibiotics, however there is a new natural solution you should consider.

What is a urinary tract infection?

When bacteria make it into the urinary tract, they are often flushed out with urine. However every now and then, especially in women, some bacteria manage to cling on and cause an infection. UTI’s start in the urethra where if not controlled and eliminated there, can make their way into the bladder and kidneys. Approximately 90% of UTIs are caused by E.Coli bacteria which can make it into the urethra from intercourse, incorrect wiping or poor hygiene. Typical symptoms of a urinary tract infection include extremely painful urination, cloudy urine, or even blood in the urine for serve infections.

No matter the severity of a urinary tract infection, antibiotics have typically been the go-to treatment. However for people prone to UTIs, antibiotic resistance is a real problem they face as typical forms of antibiotics stop working after multiple uses. Not only can antibiotics stop working but they come with a range of side effects that can last months. By killing good and bad bacteria you can eliminate the infection with antibiotics but you also eliminate the crucial bacteria in your gut which is required for optimal digestion and daily function. For urinary tract infections less than a few days old antibiotics should not be the first choice, rather left as a back up in case the infection becomes serious and makes it’s way into the kidneys at which point they would be necessary.

How should I start treating a urinary tract infection?

The first thing you should do if you think you’re starting to get a urinary tract infection is take some D-mannose. You may have heard cranberry being a good option for urinary tract infections, well D-mannose is the active ingredient in cranberry without the sugar. Taking just D-mannose gives you a huge dose of the therapeutic agent in cranberries that is fast acting and natural. D-mannose works by inhibiting the E.coli bacteria from adhering to the bladder wall, making it impossible for the bacteria to colonise and cause an infection. Essentially D-Mannose helps flush out urinary tract infections and stop them from happening in the first place. Unfortunately urinary tract infections are only caused by E.Coli about 90% of the time which means 1 in 10 infections aren’t going to be improved by D-mannose. However it’s still worth trying D-mannose first as it has no negative side effects and works just as well, if not better than antibiotics.

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