How To Give Your Wardrobe A Sustainable Makeover This Season

sustainable makeover

Wardrobe makeovers are emerging as a popular trend as women are more fashion-conscious than ever. If you want to stay on top of trends, you cannot expect the same set of clothes to last forever. A seasonal makeover can keep you ahead with personal style. But you cannot expect to rebuild from scratch because it will burn a hole in your wallet. Not to mention, the approach can increase your carbon footprint. A sustainable makeover is an excellent idea as it ensures savings and a minimal impact on the environment. Let us show you the ways to do it this season.

Organize your wardrobe

The first step for a sustainable makeover is to organize your wardrobe. Assess the items and stack them using a system for colors, fabrics, and seasons. The process gives you a fair idea of the colors and styles you have. You will probably find a lot of stuff you can recycle, and even some pieces you may have forgotten. Once you organize your outfits, you can prepare a list of things you actually need.

Declutter and donate

While you organize, you can also declutter your closet by separating the outfits you no longer need. It is also a good time to give up things out of trend or do not fit anymore. Decluttering creates space for the new stuff you plan to pick as a part of the makeover project. When you purge with a sustainable mindset, donating the redundant stuff makes sense. Your clothes will reach the needy instead of landfills.

Shop from sustainable brands

After organizing and decluttering, you can go ahead with the actual makeover. But make sure that you pick only sustainable women’s clothing from a brand that uses eco-friendly fabrics and business practices. Research and ask for recommendations to find one that offers a perfect blend of sustainability and style. You will love the feel of eco-friendly fabrics on your skin. Moreover, doing your bit for the environment brings immense joy.

Follow the capsule closet rule

Sustainability prioritizes minimalism, so follow the capsule closet rule this season. Buy the basic pieces like a white shirt, a black pencil skirt, an LBD, a pair of well-fitted jeans, and a few tees. You can pick a jacket and coat for layering. Stick with these basics and build your ensembles around them. You only need to master the mix and match game to create the best looks for all occasions.

Commit to wardrobe maintenance

A sustainable makeover for your wardrobe is just the beginning. You also need to commit to maintaining your outfits down the line. It can help you retain the essential pieces even during the next revamp. Hang and store your clothing properly so that they stay in good shape. Do not let the stains mature because they will probably never go. Good care and maintenance make clothes last, supporting your sustainability initiative.

A sustainable makeover for your closer requires some effort and thinking. But it is worthwhile because you end up saving money and looking good without harming the environment.

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