What You Need To Know Before You Shop For Your Engagement Ring

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It is vital to educate yourself in engagement rings before you go shopping for one, and this can help ensure you get an excellent deal. Many people have regrets when it comes to their engagement ring choice, and they would opt for something different if they knew in advance what they know after having bought one.

Below are some things you will want to know before shopping for the engagement ring that can help you get an excellent deal and the ring of your dreams.

jewellery designer, engagement ring

Custom-Made Engagement Rings Are Cost-Effective

When it comes to bespoke engagement rings, many people wrongly assume that they will be much more expensive than choosing an off-the-shelf design. However, you often find that a bespoke ring, such as those Sydney custom engagement rings, is similar in price to a mass-produced one, but they are of a much higher quality when they are custom-made. Those living outside Australia can also find reputable makers of these gorgeous pieces within their area through an online search.

You Need To Prioritise The Gemstone Cut

The gemstone cut for your engagement ring will affect the way it interacts with the light, so you need to prioritise this. You do not want to go out and buy any old loose diamonds for sale and instead, you need to ensure you get the best cut for your ring design. Choosing a bespoke engagement ring allows you to dictate the gemstone’s style of cut in your engagement ring, and a reputable jeweller can advise you on the best one for your design.

You Can Always Upgrade Later

If you struggle to afford the engagement ring of your dreams, you can always upgrade your ring later when you can afford to get what you want. You can create an engagement ring design that the jeweller can change in the future and add higher quality gemstones to its design. It is much harder to do this with an off-the-shelf design, and if you think this is a suitable option for you, you need to discuss it with your jewellery designer before commissioning your engagement ring.

There Are More Metal Options Available Than Gold

Many people think that when it comes to an engagement or wedding ring, it must be gold, which is not true. There are different types of gold that you can use, but there are also other precious and semi-precious metals you can consider for your ring. Sone of the most common metals in engagement rings include:

  • Yellow Gold
  • White Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • Titanium
  • Palladium
  • Tungsten

You will want to speak to The Diamond Jewellery Studio or your jewellery designer about the options available, and they will most likely ask questions regarding your lifestyle and what you do on an average day. They can then recommend a type of metal for your ring suitable for your lifestyle and that would look fantastic in your chosen ring design.

Insure Your Engagement Ring

You will want to ensure that you have adequate insurance for your engagement ring, should something happen to it. Your jewellery designer will provide you with a warranty for the engagement ring they make for you, but this will only cover the quality of the ring. If you damage the ring while wearing it, your warranty will not cover it, so you must ensure you have insurance for your engagement ring to keep it protected.

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