How to Choose the Best Suit Accessories

Are you looking for the best suit accessories for your workwear or formal wear? Let us help you find the perfect men’s suit accessories.

As they say, you can take on the world in a good suit. And the well-dressed man is always focused on the details. We can help you take your formal wear to the next level. 

Here is our guide to six perfect suit accessories:

1. Tie Sets & Bowties

You can never go wrong with a coordinating tie or bowtie set. Your tie should complement your suit, do not be afraid to go bold! However, if your suit is patterned, aim for a more subtle bowtie to tie the look together.

Tie sets should come with a tie and matching tie clip. The clip is not only a fashion accessory but also a way to keep your tie in place. Find a great tie set here.

2. Lapel Pin

Although lapel pins have no practical function, the pins are a stylish men’s suit accessory. Lapel pins give a classy, vintage vibe to any suit.

Lapel pin styles include long-stem, vintage, boutonniere, flower, or button pins. The accessory is perfect for giving recognition to your organization or one of your achievements!

3. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a classic menswear accessory. Cufflinks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer a touch of sophistication to any outfit. 

Custom cufflinks are a perfect gift for any man. To really add to a suit, a matching pair of cufflinks and tie clips are essential. Beautiful cufflinks are an elegant, minimal way to accessorize your suit.

4. Pocket Square

If you need a pop of color, look no further. A pocket square is the easiest way to make a bold look seem effortless. But do not be fooled; a pocket square is not one of the optional suit accessories. There is a pocket for a reason!

Match a pocket square with your tie and socks, or don’t! Mix and match patterns for an elevated look that adds a subtle visual effect. 

5. Belts, Suspenders, and Shoes

The rule used to be a matching belt and shoes, but not anymore! Mix and match different fabrics and colors to add dimension to your suit! But pay attention to the fasteners; the metals should be coordinated.

Skip the belt! Go for ‘Y-shaped’ suspenders for formal wear. Suspenders are a classic look that is very in style. Make sure to coordinate the color of your suspenders with your shirt and tie in case you ditch your jacket on the dance floor!

Time to Go Shopping for Suit Accessories!

If you are missing any of these classic, and fashionable, suit accessories, it is time to visit the menswear section of your favorite department store. Remember, a classic suit with bold accessories is always in style. 

For more on men’s style or suit accessories, visit our style section!

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