3 Diamond Shapes to Consider if You Love a Round Brilliant

For most diamond lovers, there is a certain shape that you become attached to and start to recognize as your own signature style. When it comes to a real classic aesthetic, you can’t do much better than a beautiful round brilliant, but what if you want to have a look through some online diamonds to branch out and start experimenting with other shapes? You never know, you might end up finding one that you love even more! To help kick start your journey into new kinds of jewelry, here are three different shapes that you might want to consider if you absolutely love a traditional round brilliant.

● Cushion Cut

The past year has seen a huge increase in the popularity of the cushion cut diamond, overtaking the classic princess cut to becoming the second most popular after our favorite round brilliant! In all of the best ways, a cushion cut is almost a cross between the round brilliant and the princess. It is a softer square or rectangle shape, hence the cushion description. If you are looking for a soft design shape that still makes a lot of impact on the finger, then the cushion is the perfect medium for power and elegance in our opinion.

● Princess Cut

Of course, we can’t not spend some time talking about the princess cut in its own right! The name alone evokes visions of quality and regality, and the stunning square shape is something that is never going to go out of style. The princess cut somehow manages to feel effortlessly timeless yet completely contemporary at the same time, with the sharp, crisp lines being extremely eye-catching. When you have a GIA certified diamond to play with, the Princess cut is often the perfect way to show off those stunning qualities.

● Emerald Cut

The emerald cut is a really special cut for a diamond because it adds so many more dimensions to the stone. Typically chosen for rectangular diamonds rather than square ones, the emerald cut is created in such a way that it produces a mirror ball effect when looking into the diamond. In a sense, you are getting an infinite experience with a single gemstone where light bounces off multiple planes. The levels of reflection that are achieved with an emerald cut stone are much more than a round cut, and whilst both cuts are equally beautiful, there is just something about the emerald cut that gets more out of the natural beauty of the stone. You will recognize the shape from the collections of many celebrities over the year, and it is said to be a favorite of Beyonce!

Much of the fun in selecting a diamond is in being able to browse through all of the amazing possibilities that are on offer, and while each shape and cut is very individual, you can rest assured that whatever you end up choosing is going to look sensational and be a treasure to love forever and ever.

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