How to Add More Luxury to Your Life


Who wouldn’t like to add a bit more luxury to their life? Whether its sunning yourself in Dubai, treating yourself to a pampering spa break,  or living it up in Monaco. We all have a bucket list of some of the most adventurous and luxurious experiences we’d like to achieve, but for many of us those dreams remain just that – a dream.

We think experiences such as seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland, going on an African safari, or even just splashing out on a bottle of champers are things we just can’t justify spending our money on, but actually if we stop and look at some of the everyday spending habits we fritter our money on it becomes apparent that with some more sensible spending we could actually afford to add some more luxury to our lives.

Oliver’s Travels have put together an Ultimate Luxury Bucket List including saving tips on how we can save up treat ourselves more often. From cutting down on coffee, ditching the take-outs and switching to a cheaper mobile phone contract, here’s their tips on how to make our money go further.

1) Say Bye Bye to Starbucks

How many of us are guilty of stopping by Starbucks every morning before work…and then sometimes again at the weekend?! If we switched our Starbucks morning latte for making our own coffee at home, we could save $25 dollars in just 7 days. That money could go towards a fancy dinner of oysters and champagne!

2) Put down the takeout menu

How often do you treat yourself to a takeout? While we’re not suggesting we say goodbye to pizza and Thai food forever, if you get a weekly take-out it would take you just 3 weeks’ pizza-free to save up for a much more luxurious dining option, such as afternoon tea at The Ritz in London (flights not included!)

3) Stub out the cigarettes

However, if you were wanting to fly to London in the finest of first class luxury, one way to save the money would be by cutting out the cigarettes if you’re a smoker. In 6 months you will save an estimated $3039! Now what better motivation to quit?

4) Switch Christmas for a South of France Holiday

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…and also the most expensive. We spend around $1063 on Christmas every year! That could afford you a private wine tour including dinner at a luxurious winery in France or Italy. How about trading the turkey, tinsel (and let’s be honest – stress) this year for a lovely relaxing holiday. Get planning now and have something to look forward to all year!

5) Have a night in

How often do you go for a night out on the town? If you’re hitting the bars every weekend you could easily spend enough money in 1 month to afford a hotel stay and Northern Lights tour in Iceland. While we love a drink and a dance from time to time we would certainly rather put our $340 towards viewing one of the world’s greatest natural phenomenon than have another Friday night at the local club – wouldn’t you?

Have a look at the graphic below to see the full list of saving tips.




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    Your clothes with the effect is really great, thank you for sharing

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    What a clever way of seeing it !
    and its so true, a few adjustments can get us a little luxury.

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