Seven Instagram Business Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Instants are fleeting. Instagram is here to stay. 40% of Americans have used Instagram at least once, including 71% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29.

Marketing with Instagram is a good way to build your brand and sell your products. But the platform is not always ideal. You need to avoid common Instagram business marketing mistakes.

What lies at the core of Instagram marketing? How can you promote brand awareness? How should you interact with your followers?

Answer these questions and you can change your company’s fortunes in an instant. Here are seven mistakes you need to dodge.

1. Sharing Blurry Visuals 

Marketing with Instagram is based on visuals. This means that you must share high-quality visuals every single time you post.

Never post something that is blurry, out-of-focus, or sloppy. Share high-resolution images that will catch your followers’ attention. Read these Instagram tips for beginners to learn how to take great photos.

2. Writing Weak Captions

Though an Instagram marketing strategy is visual-oriented, you need to write good captions. Do not just describe what the visuals are or give the name of your company. Write a caption that encourages followers to engage with you, asking them questions so they can comment.

3. Being Too Formal

Social media marketing is best for modern and informal businesses. You can be a traditional or conservative business and go on social media.

But don’t come across as too stiff or formal. Use humor or creative language when it is appropriate.

4. Posting Without a Schedule

You cannot post once or twice a week and expect to be successful. You need to make regular Instagram posts multiple times a week, if not daily.

Try to find a good time of day to post. It may work better to post in the evening because users are done with their workdays.

5. Purchasing Followers

Purchasing followers may make your business seem popular on a surface level. But it does nothing for brand development or sales growth. You should care about quality more than quantity, finding followers who will engage with your company.

6. Disengaging From Followers

Followers will stop following you if they see you are not talking to them. You should reply to comments at a minimum. You should reshare their relevant and good-quality posts and give them rewards for following you.

7. Using the Wrong Hashtags

Instagram users can look for accounts and images using hashtags. Many companies use popular hashtags, thinking they will get more followers that way. This does not work because it is hard to find their images amongst the thousands of other ones.

Mix popular hashtags with creative tags that reflect your interests. You can appeal to people who look for these less-popular hashtags and show qualities about your brand.

Avoiding Instagram Business Marketing Mistakes

Instagram business marketing mistakes are everywhere. You must use high-quality photographs and graphics on your account. You should write good captions, incorporating informal language when appropriate.

Posts should come out on a frequent basis. You should build a natural follower base without buying followers. A good way to do this is to create interactive content for them.

Hashtags are how Instagram organizes posts. You should mix different ones in your captions so you can draw in many different people.

Instagram can change in an instant. Read the latest Instagram marketing guides by following our coverage.

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