How to Ace Your Summer Cruise Events on the Sydney Harbour

Planning a cruise out on the beautiful, glistening Sydney Harbour during the summertime is kind of hard to get wrong, but there are a few measures that you can take to make it as good as an event as possible. Planning the perfect party is all in the details and the numbers, even parties on boats! To ensure that you and your guests have the best time possible, be sure to…

Figure out your budget

The budget is a really big one and one that you need to get sorted very early on. Understanding how much you have available to spend on your glorious day out on the water will make every step of the process easier, so get numerical and finish those figures. This is going to determine how many guests you can host, what kind of add-ons you can afford and what size of vessel you can bag, so before you do the fun part, you’re going to have to be exact. The best part about harbour cruises, other than the breathtaking scenery and amazing experience, of course, is that you simply pay a package expense – no worrying from there!

Finalise your guest list

Once that budget is secure and in shape, you can look at your invitees! Now, a harbour cruise is slightly more complicated than a party at a traditional venue, in that there is basically no wriggle room for the number of attendees. That guest will have to be finalised well ahead of time, so try your best to get a definitive answer out of your friends and family early on to avoid any last-minute dramas or awkwardness. The good news is after you’ve done all the numbers you can start choosing vessels, which really is the fun part!

Think about a theme

For a fun summer harbour cruise party, you should seriously consider getting a theme involved. Themes are a great way of enhancing the mood and fanfare around an event, plus you’ll get some priceless pics out of it. The liberty is all yours here if it’s a birthday or public holiday bash, why not go from something nautical like sailors or under the sea theme? For a wedding reception or family event, consider encouraging everyone to wear a touch of blue or decorate the boat in a coastal colour palette.

Choose your time carefully

Timing is always an essential consideration for any party, but with a Harbour cruise is becomes even more important! You could be setting sail under the light glow of dusk, basking in the glorious midday sun or looking up at an inky sky full of stars, so choose according to the nature of the event. For birthdays or events like Australia Day, midday is perfect, whereas a late afternoon drift will showcase the romantic sunset – ideal for an intimate wedding reception. Again, planning around your attendees and the occasion makes for a fabulous party that everyone enjoys.

Determine a convenient pick-up/drop off spot

The pick-up and drop off spot (which will usually be the same unless you’re using your harbour cruise for transport to and from different venues) is important! Be sure to create a poll to get a better understanding of where your guest list would like to travel to. Your locations should be reachable by public transport and somewhat photogenic for the odd snap here and there before you climb aboard.

Get researching your options for party boat hire in Sydney, BYO or bar service can be available depending on your, and your guests’ needs!

Photo by Chris Fuller on Unsplash

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