How Naturelive essential oils can help you relax and sleep better

Many of the people I know struggle with insomnia and stress. It seems like these issues are all too familiar to most of us because of the fast or busy lives we are living; studying, working, partying, irregular bio-rhythm and, as a result, feeling tired and stressed all the time. Fortunately, the recent newfound discovery of Naturelive essential oils has changed that greatly.

Get a decent sleep

Yes, you heard me right, you don’t need sleeping pills. As medieval as it seems, you don’t have to be a druid to find out how effective these oils are for getting a better sleep and relaxation. There are many amazing essential oils out there you probably heard of, like lavender, bergamot, peppermint, cedarwood, orange or eucalyptus and you can choose which suits you best. Lavander and tangerine are especially known as the best sleep aid. They help the body release melatonin, a natural hormone for sleeping. I tried the Sweet Dream essential oil and it helps your mind shut down easier before the bed and help you stop overthinking. So you can finally get a decent sleep. These oils help you fall asleep even when you can’t. Magic, right?

Here is the trick. What essential oils do is they increase deep-wave sleep and calm your body and nervous system. They help you sleep better by sending calming signals to your brain, which helps balance emotions and reactions to everything around you, but in a very natural, non-numbing way, as essential oils are made from beneficial herbs. That means you will wake up less tired because these wonderful oils help you fall asleep faster and actually sleep better (for a change).

essential oils
Helps you feel calm and relaxed

They not only help you improve the quality of your sleep and help you stay asleep, but Naturelive essential oils can help you feel relaxed and stay calm by relieving the tension in nerves and muscles. Sounds amazing, right? Remember that feeling before a date, job interview or an important test? Feelings of anxiety we all have been through oh so many times? If you just want to relax and stay calm, I can highly recommend Chil-Lax. Aromatherapy works amazingly because it calms the nervous system, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, bringing us to a more peaceful and relaxed state.

It really helps with migraines, anxiety and stress and the best part is that the use of these oils is simple. For a better sleep, you can prepare a warm aromatic bath or just add few drops on your pillow and voila! In the winter, you can add few drops of your favourite one on your feet and wear socks to bed. The feeling is amazing. You can also apply few drops on your wrists in the beginning of a long, long day, to help you stay relaxed, calm and focused, which, let’s be honest here, can be so hard sometimes. The good thing is we don’t need pills for that, as we have essential oils to help.

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