8 Ways To Rock A LBD (Hint- It’s All About The Accessories)

The LBD, if you haven’t got one, then you should definitely be on the lookout for your next Little Black Dress. Why? Well, it’s because they are the epitome of style, the one thing that you can dress up or down depending on the occasion, and no matter what sort of day you are having will make you look and feel fabulous. However, to truly look your best you don’t just need a great LBD, you need to know how to style and accessorise it as well. To help you do this, read on for 10 different looks below.

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Designer shoes for style kudos

They say you should never judge a person until you have seen their shoes right? Well, it’s certainly true that you can tell a lot about someone with what they are wearing on their feet. With this in mind, it’s vital that you pick the right pair of designer shoes to show off your LBD correctly, and demonstrate your style kudos to any passing fashionistas or paparazzos.

Of course, the Pigalle 120 patent calf red soled Louboutins are a great choice, elegant and high for shapely legs and serious style points. Although for an edgier look why not try the Valentino Rockstud 100 leather courts instead, with their pointed toes and straps. As either of these pairs of shoes will set your LBD off to a tee and show that you know exactly how to work a trend.

Red lips for sex appeal



There is nothing sexier than a well fitting LBD and luscious red lips. It really is a classic combo. To get that classic pout you will need to use a lip liner just a shade or two lighter than the actual lipstick used to fill in the rest of your lips. For a daytime look try Mac, Ruby Woo or for a sultry evening look use Dior Addict Lacquer Stick in Hollywood Red for a true starlet look.

Statement necklace for maximum impact

Something else that can help you get extra mileage out of as simple black dress is the right statement necklace. Statement necklaces tend to be chunky in a bib or collar style. The idea is that they draw attention to the neck area, and balance the dress proportions correctly.

Of course, that means you have to be careful with the neckline of the dress you choose. Avoid boat and cowl neck dresses, as they need a much more delicate necklace than garments with a v or crew neck, making the latter much more suitable for showing off a statement necklace.

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For v neck, dresses try a tassel necklace with a drop. Something that is bang on trend this year for the summer going into autumn. While for a boat neckline you can go for something a bit more dramatic and bling like a crystal collar.

Add a scarf for a relaxed look

One of the chicest ways to wear your LBD is to use fashion accessories like a scarf to give it a totally different feel. It’s amazing how much a small square of material can affect the entire outfit.

A great day look is using a silk scarf to add a more professional appearance. Where as a more flowing hippy style scarf can help make your dress seem less formal and more relaxed for wear on holiday to lunch or dinner.

Rock and roll with a leather jacket

Next, a classic LBD look that many famous celebs and models such as Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss are often seen sporting the rock chic. Luckily, for the rest of us mere mortals, it’s a relatively easy look to pull off. As all you need to do is throw on a leather jacket over you dress and maybe team with some flat biker boots, biker buckle or even trainers for a dressed down day to evening look with serious style points.

In fact, the older and the more beat up the leather jacket, the better, as this gives you a true rock star look. Although of course if you want to stay chic as well as edgy you can team your LBD with something like the Burberry Diamond Quilted Detail Lambskin Biker Jacket for both class and cool.

Bag it up

Obviously, the bag that you carry along side your LBD is going to make a huge difference as well. Why not rock the ultimate fashionista evening look with a classic Chanel medium 2.55 in caviar leather and gold hardware? You can even tuck the chain inside to create a clutch.

Why the medium and not the small or mini you ask? Well, remember ladies that the bigger than a handbag, the smaller the person carrying looks in proportion. So the medium to larger sizes is always the most flattering. For a more day time look a nice Hermes Birkin with scarf handle works well, and for a business meeting, assuming the neckline on your LBD is suitable why not go for a leather Mulberry Satchel for that professional edge.


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Belt up

Another way to get more wear out of the same classic LBD is to accessorise your outfit with a belt. Of course, belts are funny things, and before you decide on the style and design, you first need to work out what will suit you the best. Girls with an hourglass or curvy figure often rock a thick belt worn at the natural waist the best. While ladies with a more slender frame can work something like the vintage Dolce & Gabbana 1990s Vintage Gold Logo Chain Belt with Tassel.

Casual chic

Lastly, as the LBD comes to the end of its reign as our most favorite item in our closets, it’s often relegated to more casual wear instead of being dressed up for a night out. However, that doesn’t mean it still can’t be the basis for an on fleek outfit.  In fact, the simple addition of a denim jacket or shirt can transform it into something seriously wearable for any occasion.


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To do this well just ensure you have the right side and wash of denim for the season you are wearing it in. Just like last year, it was all about that grey blue acid wash, and your LBD will look fantastic and make you feel gorgeous, which after all, is the main thing no matter what you are wearing!


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