How Cutlery Can Affect the Taste of Your Food


Many of us go about our daily lives without thinking about the food that we put into our bodies. We constantly head to McDonald’s, rather than cooking a meal at home. Or we dive into a heavy burger, rather than choosing something on the lighter side to watch out for calories. It should come as no surprise that we don’t really think about the cutlery with which we eat our foods. However, you might be surprised to learn that the type of cutlery that you use to eat your food with has a large impact on the taste of your food. Some kinds of cutlery and utensils are going to make your food taste better or worse than others.

Who knew? If you want to learn more about this topic, then feel free to read more down below to get the information you need to know. So, the next time that you’re eating your meal, you can choose a type of cutlery that will make the taste of your food even better! Afterwards, you can visit the website Cut It Fine and get some new knives to add to your collection!

What’s the Science Behind All of This?

Of course, this claim can’t be made without science to back it up. There have been many studies over the years which have shown that the size of your utensils, their color, and even their shape can have a huge impact on what they taste like. In one of these most famous of experiments, participants were given various sizes, weights, and fanciness of spoons to eat yogurt with. Spoons are a utensil that many people use to eat a variety of food, so this gave researchers a good place to start with. The people in the study were then allowed to rate the various yogurts placed in front of them based on sweetness levels.

However, the twist in the study was the fact that all of the yogurts were in fact the same. In addition to the yogurt experiment, there were other experiments where different colors of spoons were used when tasting yogurt and when other utensils were used to eat a variety of cheeses. And that’s when the crazy results started coming up.

Whenever a heavy spoon was used by the participants, they thought that the yogurt tasted a bit cheaper than the others. That yogurt eaten with the heavy spoon wasn’t as enjoyable as the others, but did indeed taste sweeter than the other choices. Whenever the yogurt was eaten with a blue spoon, the yogurt strangely tasted saltier than the others in front of them. However, when that blue spoon was changed to a white spoon, then the yogurt changed from salty to sweet. Similar findings were deduced from the other experiments of eating cheese with various utensils.

What Does This Mean for Eating?

You might be wondering what this exactly means for when you eat food. Sure, this isn’t going to affect the choices of cutlery you choose on a daily basis. However, it does mean that you should be aware that eating is more of a multisensory experience than one that just uses your taste buds. You might think that eating is all about your mouth. However, your eyes, ears, nose, and fingers can play a huge role in the tastes that end up in your mouth.

That’s why you should try this experiment out on your own when you’re eating your meals. Try switching out the utensils out when you’re eating various meals and you’ll be surprised at the variety of tastes that you can find! You might find some foods are saltier with a knife and some foods are sweeter with a heavy fork.

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