Don’t Let Yourself Go

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It’s easier said than done isn’t it. The colder months are a time of eating good food, and building that winter podge that everyone seems to be unable to escape. Christmas is the absolute worst for it. Lot’s of food, alcohol and bad decisions are made. Letting yourself go in a sense is fine, but try and stick to the good habits. Otherwise, your New Year’s Resolution is going to be the same it is every year, have a healthier year. For further advice, check out this post



A healthy diet has so many more benefits for you than you realize. All of the processed foods and additives we pile into our bodies are so poisonous. Yet because they taste so good, we choose to continue fueling our bodies with it. There’s been so much research into the bad things it does to us. The high saturated fat and salt levels are proven to lead to a number of issues such as, heart disease, blocked arteries, obesity, and high levels of cholesterol to name but a few. The benefits of wholesome, organic foods however are huge in comparison. You’ll lose the chemicals and all the processed garbage that comes with it. Try adopting something like the Paleo diet. Yes it’ll be hard to begin with. You have to cut out all unnatural sugars, sweeteners, pretty much everything you wouldn’t have been able to source from the land. It’ll really be a shock to the system for the first few weeks. You may find yourself longing for some chocolate or a bag of crisps, but stick with it. After two weeks or so, your body will begin to adjust and you’ll notice the difference instantly. It’s a great diet for losing weight, and you’ll just generally have so much more energy. Read more about the paleo diet here




The hardest part. When living on such a junk fueled diet, it is hard to find the motivation to get yourself up and out to exercise. Your body simply doesn’t have the energy it needs. So begin with the diet first, then move onto the exercise. Start slow, a walk round the block, then a power walk, then a jog, then a run. Build it up until you feel comfortable, then extend the time of exercise. Some people find it to exercise in public due to anxiety. If this is you, think about a home gym. Maybe a treadmill, or even a bike if you find it easier. Check out to get an idea of prices. Again, build it up slowly. Push yourself too early, and it may put you off exercising. The health benefits coupled with the healthy eating will be huge. Your strength and endurance will improve. It can really help relieve stress, and is a good way of forgetting all the issues in life. Once you start seeing changes in your body, you’ll start to feel so much happier within yourself, and your confidence will sky rocket.

Not letting yourself go can be a challenge, but the rewards that will come from it will be amazing.

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