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The Hermès Birkin bag also known as The Birkin has been the IT bag of many celebs. This bag has a long history and is one of the most wanted bags of the moment. The iconic Birkin handbag has become a status symbol. It is easily recognizable by its shape and beautiful quality and is manufactured by hand.

For a Birkin bag from Hermès, you easily pay tens of thousands of euros, and yet it does not seem to be a problem for the brand to keep selling them. Nevertheless, they also do not want to reveal how many are selling each year, which means that the bag remains very exclusive and sought after. Hermès also does not participate in marketing in print or online. Social media and collaboration with influencers? The French fashion house also kindly thanks for that. And that approach pays. It all has to do with prestige: a Birkin is hard to come by, people have to be on a waiting list and people often want what they can’t get

To find out how to distinguish a fake from an original Hermès Birkin bag you have to pay attention to details and make sure you are not buying a fake bag. Or perhaps you are a re-seller? You don’t want to stain your reputation selling fake bags. Therefore it’s best to use an authentication service. is a European based and exclusive Hermes Birkin authentication service via photos. Founder Emily Berg handles all authentication personally. Her mission is to help buyers and sellers in the online marketplace with advice to distinguish the genuine Hermès products from the counterfeit ones.

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