Bangle vs Bracelet: How to Tell the Difference

Did you know historians have found that the earliest jewelry artifacts date back more than 25,000 years ago? From ancient times to the present day, jewelry has been a sign of prominence and elegance. And while bracelets, necklaces, or rings can dazzle, there is something seductively elegant about a bangle or bracelet.

But what do you know about a bangle vs bracelet? Aren’t both styles accessories for the wrist? Not exactly.

Each jewelry piece has a unique style and can be worn completely differently. Knowing the differences can help you style your most beloved bangles or bracelets with ease.

Read on to discover the bangle and bracelet differences you may have never considered. These types will help you spot those differences and invest in your next statement piece.

What Is a Bangle? 

A bangle is a rigid accessory that can be worn in a single style or stacked up the arm for a more glamorous effect. Bangles are made of any precious metal like gold or silver. But, costume bangles made of plastic or enamel are also typical.

Bangles are available in all widths and sizes. And some luxurious styles can include diamonds or other precious stones. For the effortless style lover, bangles are ideal.

That’s because these accessories do not have a clasp closure. All you need to do is slip the rigid bangle over your wrist and you’re ready to go!

What Is a Bracelet?

A bracelet is a non-rigid accessory that typically has a clasp closure. Bracelets have chain links or other materials that loop around the wrist.

Luxurious bracelets may have gold or silver links with diamond and precious stone details. While, a simpler bracelet may have leather, fabric, or costume beads.

Bracelets can sometimes be an inconvenience to style or wear. If you struggle to clasp a bracelet on your wrist, check out MPS Magnetic Bracelets online store and invest in an easy style.

Bangle vs Bracelet Style and Fit 

The real difference between a bangle and a bracelet comes down to style and fit. The circular design of a bangle allows for unique style, individuality, and heritage. For example, you may have seen bangles worn during a cultural dance.

But, bangles don’t have to just sit at the wrist. Upper arm bangles are a unique style trick to uplevel any look. Bracelets have a more traditional vibe. The fit is looser and style-varied.

You can personalize bracelets with unique stone combinations or by adding charms. If you’re stuck between wearing a bangle or bracelet, simply consider what fit you’re after. Then, take an inventory of your wardrobe and style to see which arm accessory best fits your look.

These Tips Can Help You Choose Your Next Jewelry Piece 

Bangle vs bracelet? That’s a major style dilemma! But, no matter which accessory you choose, each jewelry piece can add something unique and special to your everyday look.

Remember that bangles and bracelets differ in their fit, look, and overall style. For an effortless look that’s still eye-catching, stack beautiful bangles. But for a more traditional approach and comfortable wear, a bracelet will do the trick!

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