Foundation shopping online? This way you always choose the right color

Don’t have the time or desire to walk to the nearest perfumery after work? Then it can be a godsend to shop your foundation online with a shade finder. But how do you actually do that? And above all: how do you avoid suddenly stuck with a bright orange copy?

Know your skin

And above all: know what you are looking for in a foundation. Don’t click home hydrating or ‘glowy’ foundation if you’re actually looking for a product that will last for hours. Take into account your favorite look: matte or with a nice glow, the coverage: subtle and natural or very covering, and your skin type: oily, dry or combined. Based on that, you can then look for the best foundation for your skin on Makeup Land which is the best search engine tool to find foundation shades.

* Your skin quickly looks dull and dull, and after a few hours you get skins or does it seem like your foundation is on your skin? Then you probably have dry skin, and it is best to choose a foundation that promises a radiant glow or shine.

* Your skin will quickly glow, and foundation seems to have completely disappeared after a few hours? Then chances are that you have oily skin. Look for a foundation with a matte effect, which preferably also promises to be long-lasting.

* Your T-zone does shine, but it sometimes feels dry on your cheeks? Then your skin is combined. It is best to opt for a moisturizing foundation, and then powder the T-zone and other zones that quickly shine.

Know your undertone

Some women have a warm tone to the skin, while others are more neutral or cool. And exactly that undertone is important to find the right foundation. No idea if it is warm (yellow), neutral or cool (pink)? You can easily test that:

Cool types usually have a pinkish hue in their skin, with blue veins that can be seen mainly on the underside of the wrist or on their necks. Warm types are more yellow in tone and have green colored veins. Still can’t figure it out? Then you are probably a neutral type.

Why use Makeup Land

Have you already found your color? Then you can go to Makeup Land to find foundation shades or concealer shades.  There you will see which other foundation colors exactly match your skin. Choosing the right shade has never been easier.

When in doubt: choose a lighter color

Unsure between two shades of the same foundation? Then go for the lightest color. You can always use some sun powder to make the color slightly darker. Going lighter is a lot more difficult. You can always mix with a foundation that you still have at home, to get the right color.

Moreover, no one is exactly the same color for a year. In the summer we all put on a tan, while we are a bit paler in the winter. It is best to buy two different shades and mix them all year round according to your skin tone.

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